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Project MainpageThe project main page is at http://jaguar.it.miami.edu/~klu/misc/blahut/

DescriptionBlahut algorithm is an iterative computational way to estimate the channel capacity and the rate distortion. This implemetation of the Blahut algorithm uses the Gnu Scientific Library (GSL), mostly for the vector/matrix manipulations.

UsageThis software is provided as a library. If gsl is properly installed, simply type make in the source directory will build the blahut.o, which can be linked against your own application, and a `main' example application. For more detail, read the document file at http://jaguar.it.miami.edu/~klu/misc/blahut/man/index.html.

ContactContact the author at his website or klu2008 at gmail dot com.

Bugs ReportPlease report bugs to the author at klu2008 at gmail dot com.


informationtheory blahut channelcapacity capacityexpensefunction gsl

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