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Analyzed about 2 years ago. based on code collected about 2 years ago.

Boscli is a framework to create interactive command line interfaces. Our mission is to help developers write interactive shells for domain specific task. It provides an easy way to wrap and join together command line apps and utilities and create specific shells with security levels and modes, history, auto-completion and so on.

Using this framework any developer can build an interactive command line interface for configuration or monitor an appliance in a few minutes.

The Boscli can be used as a great "glue code" for appliance's interface or for create a "homogeneous" administration interface for different systems and applications. For example if you need to integrate different services and applications (asterisk, linux conf, monit, apache, etc...) but you want to offer to your users or


In a Nutshell, Boscli...


30 Day Summary

Aug 16 2014 — Sep 15 2014

12 Month Summary

Sep 15 2013 — Sep 15 2014



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