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brutis for memcachedBrutis is a tool designed to exercise memcache instances by providing reproducible performance data for comparison purposes. Brutis can be useful for sizing memcache clusters as well as testing changes to the system, the hardware, and/or the environment. Much like a dynamometer, the numbers Brutis produces are not as important as the differences in the numbers between changes to the system, the hardware, and/or the environment.

When sizing memcached clusters, Brutis can help by stressing a memcached cluster to see:

How many ops the cluster is capable of How much load the network config can take How many connections a memcache cluster is capable of handling (we’ve tested up to 100K connections) With respect to instance (not cluster) sizing, Brutis can be used to simulate varying object and key sizes to see how many keys/objects can fit in a memcache instance before evictions start.

More information and details can be found in the Readme.

Checkout svn for the latest updates!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, visit the brutis support forum.

Thanks to Hau Tran for making the Brutis mascot!


benchmarking memcache memcached php

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