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Analyzed 8 months ago. based on code collected 10 months ago.
News Feed Update Status  
 http://www.justdave.net/dave/category/bugzilla/feed/ Last Updated about 10 hours ago
 http://lpsolit.wordpress.com/category/bugzilla/feed/ Last Updated over 2 years ago
 http://www.sukria.net/en/archives/category/bugzilla/feed/ Last Updated over 7 years ago
 http://avatraxiom.livejournal.com/data/rss?tag=bugzilla Last Updated about 10 hours ago

About News Feeds

Open Hub supports Atom, RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0, and RSS 2.0 feeds. Feeds are updated on a frequent, regular schedule, and feeds that have problems will not be displayed.


  • http://sourceforge.net/export/rss2_projnews.php?group_id=12345
  • http://del.icio.us/rss/tag/myproject
  • http://www.digg.com/rss_search?search=myproject