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NOTE: I know longer have any intention of maintaining this project. Unfortunately, I just don't do anymore Ruby on Rails front-end work. If you have sufficient interest and would like to take this project over, please contact me. Thank you.

Tim Harper

WHY BUNDLE-FU IS SPECIALWeb 2.0 sites have lots of tiny javascript/css files, which causes one extra round trip per file to the server and back! This is bad! Bundle-fu throws it all up into a big package and sends it out all at once.

Bundle-fu can speed your load time up around 50%.


Does not require a separate config file Automatically regenerates the bundle if you modify an included file, or change the include order. Is easily bypassed by passing "?bundle_fu=false" into your page (including assets separately vs bundled). It does not affect other users of your site, and stays bypassed for the your session only. Bundle-fu makes debugging fun! Is optimized for production mode (only generates the bundle file once when the server is first started). Puts the bundles in javascripts/cache and stylesheets/cache, so it's easy to ignore with subversion. Rewrites relative URLs in your CSS files, so you'll never have broken images. Minimizes your javascripts by default using the Ruby Version of JSMin. Optionally, if you install PackR, it will automatically use that instead. No additional requests on your rails application - bundled files are served as static files. Supports multiple combinations of JS/CSS, using the :name parameter USAGE / INSTALLATIONStep 1Install this plugin

git clone git:// vendor/plugins/bundle-fu && rm -rf vendor/plugins/bundle-fu/.gitStep 2Put the following around your stylesheets/javascripts (note it works with any method of including assets!):


That's it!

HELPGeneral Documentation Read the FAQ and CAVEATS Post to the mailing list OTHER RUBY ON RAILS ASSET BUNDLERSBundle-fu isn't the only Ruby on Rails plug-in that will bundle assets. It simply has a new approach to doing so.

Other asset bundling solutions:

AssetPackager - Requires a separate config file to work. Option to compress javascript. Rails 2.0 - Very clean implementation. Doesn't rewrite relative CSS urls. Bundles only in production mode. Doesn't bundle includes from asset include helpers from 3rd party plug-ins. No bypass mechanism (though it could be implemented easily). No js minification. Author:Tim C. Harper - irb(main):001:0> ( 'tim_see_harperATgmail._see_om'.gsub('_see_', 'c').gsub('AT', '@') )


In a Nutshell, bundle-fu...


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