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Analyzed 5 months ago. based on code collected 5 months ago.
Posted 4 days ago
New Features Edit book: Add a tool to upgrade books from EPUB 2 to EPUB 3 (Tools->Upgrade book internals) Add support for the FBZ format (zipped FB2) Kindle driver: Change the height of generated thumbnails to 500px, needed for the Oasis 2017 ... [More] Edit book: When bulk renaming files add an option to rename by the order in which the files appear in the book. Polishing: Recognize titlepages that are marked as covers in the EPUB 3 landmarks section Edit Book: Automatically updated the modified timestamp in the OPF when saving EPUB 3 books. Remove the ISBNDB metadata plugin as ISBNDB no longer allows free lookups. Bug Fixes EPUB 3 metadata: If the book defines more than one author sort value for an author use the first instead of the last Check Book: Dont warn for nav document not in spine in EPUB 3 books Linux installer: Fix umask question not working with the recommended install command because stdin is a pipe Browser viewer: Show an error message when trying to use the Sync function without being logged in When setting cover from a PDF file and the user clicks cancel, do not delete the existing cover [Less]
Posted 17 days ago
New Features Browser viewer: Allow showing the time left in the current chapter/book in the header and footer areas of the book. Manage tags dialog: Searching now shows all matching tags and there is an undo button to undo changes. Add an output ... [More] profile for the Kindle Oasis 2017 Bug Fixes Content server: Fix adding/deleting books and editing metadata not updating the main calibre book list automatically. Viewer: When doing a dictionary lookup, remove soft hyphens from the word, if any are present. Edit metadata dialog: Fix tab order for buttons to the left of the title and author Trim cover dialog: Remove the redundant Trim & OK button, instead have the OK button trim automatically if there is a selection. Update Amazon metadata plugin for a website change Content server: Fix translations not being updated without clearing the browser cache Content server: Fix switching from translations to no translations not working Content server: When updating interface data do not transmit translations if they have not been changed. Saves ~30-60KB bandwidth when using non-English interface language. [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago
New Features Content server: Allow editing the metadata of books from the book details page Kobo driver: Recognize Kobo Aura 2 with new firmware (4.6.10188) Bug Fixes When reading metadata from HTML also recognize as being comments
Posted about 2 months ago
New Features Driver for the new PocketBook 740 Allow using relative URLs in comments type metadata. The relative URLs are interpreted relative to the book folder in the calibre library Edit book: Reports: Do not show characters from the HTML markup ... [More] in the characters report. Allow adding the Virtual library button to any toolbar/menu via Preferences->Toolbars & menus Bug Fixes Server: Fix server becoming unresponsive if a client sends invalid SSL data at exactly the right moment Conversion heuristics: Make unwrapping recognize Georgian letters as well. Make de-serialization of stored conversion options safe against maliciously crafted input E-book viewer: Change the file format used to import/export bookmarks to use JSON. This prevents malicious bookmarks files from causing code execution. Make the history completion for the search and replace edit box case-sensitive. PDF Output: When the input document contains multiple anchors with the same value, use the first anchor rather than the last. This follows browser behavior. FB2 Input: Add to content to silence the useless epubcheck [Less]
Posted about 2 months ago
New Features Browser viewer: Allow long tapping a word to look it up in a dictionary or search the internet for it. Bug Fixes Conversion: Handle the deprecated type attribute on tags. Fix metadata download from amazon stopped working because of ... [More] a website change Fix re-ordering of columns causing split book splitter state not being restored on restart Fix errors when using strftime with unicode strings on non-utf-8 windows systems. Split book view: Fix vertical scroll position of the two views getting out of sync after doing some searches. Fix some edit widget appearing in the wrong place when editing in the right hand panel of the new split book list. Portable build: Fix cache directory not always being auto-created Workaround for Qt 5.10 on Linux resetting the global font, preventing custom interface font settings from working [Less]
Posted 2 months ago
New Features Allow splitting the book list, by right clicking on the column headers and choosing 'Split the book list' Store temporary files used by the editor and viewer in the cache directory to try to prevent errors caused by 'file cleaner' ... [More] programs deleting temporary files still in use Bug Fixes EPUB3 Input: Fix HTML covers and titlepages that are marked using the deprecated Bulk metadata edit: Fix regression in 3.13 that made it impossible to use the Force numbering checkbox for custom series Conversion: Fix the valign attribute on tags not being honored E-book viewer: Fix the 'Copy' keyboard shortcut/context menu action not working on some Windows systems E-book viewer: Make the semi-transparent background for viewing metadata a little more opaque. [Less]
Posted 3 months ago
New Features Content server: Allow adding and deleting of books using the web interface Allow removing the close button from tabs in the Virtual library tab bar. Right click the tab bar and choose 'Lock tabs' to do that. calibredb export: Add ... [More] --progress option Bulk metadata editing: Show progress bars to track progress of the operation Content server: When downloading books from the server send both the ASCII and full Unicode file names. Browsers that support RFC 6266 can make use of the unicode file name. Content server: Show a warning popup on Apple devices when the user tries to search with an expression containing smart quotes, since Apple devices now automatically replace quotes with smart quotes when typing. Bug Fixes DOCX Output: Fix links without anchors in the input document not being converted correctly. calibredb: Fix a regression that broke reading of passwords from stdin Edit book: Fix an error when saving files with filenames that cannot be encoded using the system codepage on Windows Pasting metadata: Fix excluding title and authors not working [Less]
Posted 4 months ago
New Features Browser viewer: Allow customizing what information is displayed in the header and footer areas. Access Preferences from the viewer controls to change. Add support for MTP devices on FreeBSD ToC editor: Add more case changing operations ... [More] to the right click menu Content server: Redirect pre 2.x book URLs to new 3.x URLs via a JavaScript redirect Content server: Allow opening entries in the book list in a new tab via middle click/right click Add a tweak in Preferences->Tweaks to exclude some fields when using the Edit metadata->Copy/paste actions Linux: Allow using calibre-tray.png in the calibre resources folder to override the system tray icon. Bug Fixes Browser viewer: Fix goto next/previous section actions not working when the sections are in different individual HTML files. Edit book/Book polishing: When compressing images and the compressed image is larger thant he original, use the original image. PDF input: Fix conversion of multi-level PDF Outline causing duplicate entries in the Table of Contents. Edit book: Fix incorrect EPUB 3 declarations being added to the OPF file when adding covers to an EPUB 2 book Edit book: Fix backspace key un-indenting instead of deleting even when text is selected if the cursor is at the start of the line Tag browser: Fix position not being preserved when deleting books. Edit Book: Use the cache directory rather than the temp directory to store working files. Hopefully prevents temp file cleaners from destroying books. EPUB input: Handle books that erroneously set the mimetype for font files to text/plain AZW3 input: Do not fail to process files with invalid internal flow references. When updating plugins, do not show the dialog asking which toolbar to put the plugin, even if the user has removed the plugin for all toolbars. Content server: Fix using the Clear logs button preventing the server from restarting until calibre itself is restarted. [Less]
Posted 4 months ago
New Features User manual: A new quick reference primer for regular expression syntax https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/regexp_quick_reference.html Content server: Allow viewing the book metadata while reading a book. In the viewer controls, tap ... [More] Goto and then Metadata to see the metadata. Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware Bulk metadata edit: Allow choosing the algorithm used for changing the case of titles Get books: The koobe.pl store plugin has now become the Swiat Ebookow store plugin Allow Copy/paste of book metadata from the main book list. Right click the Edit metadata button to access these actions. Allow disabling the confirmation popup when opening the containing folder of many books at once. Bug Fixes Nook driver: Fix books sent via calibre not appearing under My Files on the Glowlight 3 Plus Get Books: Update Mills & Boon, publio, empik, legimi, woblink and beam-ebooks.de plugins for website changes Book polishing: Do not scan book for font usage when subsetting if no embedded fonts are available. Content server: Open links in the comments section from the book details page in new windows. Choose English as the User interface language when a locale related environment variable is set to the C locale Linux installer: A nicer error message if the user tries to run the installer on an ARM machine [Less]
Posted 5 months ago
New Features Driver for the new Bq Cervantes 4 Edit book: Auto-generate links to existing stylesheets when adding a new HTML file. Add a button to easily clear server logs in Preferences->Sharing over the net->Show server logs. Catalog ... [More] generation: Store the list of fields to be used in generating CSV/XML catalogs per library. Bulk metadata edit: Make the custom series controls similar to the builtin series ones, with the same set of features Edit book: Pre-select existing cover image (if any) in add cover dialog Make the Manage saved searches dialog a little easier for new users. Add a tweak to control behavior of Enter on the book list Content server: Fix random book button on book details page multiplying. Edit Book: Bulk file rename dialog: Remember last used prefix for renaming files Bug Fixes Tag browser: Fix use of the tweak to control order of items in the Tag browser causing unexpected expansion of items after editing metadata. Content server: Improve rendering of tags/categories with long words on small screens. Fix first added saved search not appearing in Tag browser until calibre restart. When checking added books for duplicates, also check on the language field. So books with the same title/authors but different languages are not considered duplicates. Edit Book: Spell check should not fail if there are non-HTML files in the spine Conversion: Fix an error when using the embed_all_fonts option with certain books Save to disk: Dont error out if the user deletes all formats to be saved. Linux binary: Fix calibre not starting on systems where QT_QPA_PLATFORM is set to use wayland [Less]