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Posted 8 days ago
New Features Add a preference in Preferences->Look & Feel to hide the row numbers in the main book list. Allow Export/Import of column coloring and icon rules. Edit Book: Allow bulk changing of file extension for selected files by right ... [More] clicking ont he selected files in the file browser. Edit Book: Check Book: Add a check for nav documents that contain no ToC in EPUB 3 books Edit Book: Check Book: Add a test to check if the embedded fonts in the book have their embedding permissions enabled Bug Fixes Pressing the up arrow in an date edit with undefined value should jump to the current date rather than Feb 101 EPUB Input: When an invalid nav based ToC is used in an EPUB 3.0 document that also has a fallback NCX ToC, use the fallback ToC. Fix a regression that broke the icon theme creation tool in the previous release Fix insert character dialog not reflowing characters on resize. Also only allow the search bar in the dialog to get input focus [Less]
Posted 15 days ago
New Features Font embedding: Implement automatic embedding for fonts with non-normal stretch and weight values such as Condensed/Light/Extra Bold fonts Allow aborting an in-progress Copy-to-library action. Edit Book: When adding a font file via ... [More] File->New automatically generate the appropriate @font-face rule and copy it to the clipboard so that it can be easily inserted into the appropriate CSS files. Edit Book: Check Book: Add a warning for links with the : character in them on windows Conversion: When converting markdown documents recognize basic metadata in the markdown document formatted as per the markdown metadata extension. Edit Book: Spell Check dialog: Various small usability enhancements -- preserve position in word list on refresh, ensure that new current word is highlighted after changing a word, etc. Edit Book: Flash the taskbar icon after beautify all files completes. Bug Fixes Fix creating an empty library with the same structure as current library not creating custom columns on the first restart after creating the new custom columns. Edit Book: Dont fail to rename files on windows if there is a link containing the colon character. PDF Output: Dont fail if one of the embedded fonts has no names Edit Book: When downloading external resources, ensure the generated filenames are valid. Windows: Fix file extension not being added automatically when missing in save dialogs. Fix calibre not opening full-screen in windows tablet mode. Edit Book: Fix check external links tool not detecting changes that have not yet been saved Generate covers: Fix & in the series causing incorrect formatting of series number. Edit Book: Fix a regression in the last release that broke the Arrange into folders tool when arranging into sub-folders of a folder that does not exist. [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago
New Features calibre's tenth birthday edition! A new set of icons for calibre A short video commemorating the occasion: https://youtu.be/Q95NfFKc0v8 Book details panel: Add a copy all action to the right click menu. Bug Fixes Get Books: Update ... [More] ebookpoint and woblink store plugins for website changes Edit Book: When un-marking text auto-change the 'search where' location to what it was before text was marked rather than 'current file'. Automatic adding: Show an error if the user specifies a folder whose name starts with a dot or underscore. OS X: Fix a regression that caused incorrect display of the icon in pop-up message boxes when using a Retina display. Kobo driver: Fix an error when migrating very old settings Kobo driver: Fix a regression that broke handling of reading status for devices running old 1.9x versions of the Kobo firmware Edit Book: When using the arrange into folders tool do not change the case of already existing folders in the book. [Less]
Posted about 2 months ago
New Features Edit Book: Add a tool to download external resources (images/stylesheets/etc.) that are not included in the book. Make custom columns available in the Alter Tag Browser->Manage categories sub menu Bug Fixes Conversion: Fix ... [More] incorrect resolution of references to resources in HTML files that exist in a folder level above the OPF file. This could lead to styles being incorrectly processed in such HTML files. Get Books: Update the amazon store plugins for website changes Update ozon.ru metadata download plugin to fix searching for books by ISBN Edit Book: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke the preferences dialog for changing color schemes. Edit Book: Better error message when user tries to open a Check Book item that refers to a file that has been deleted since the last time Check Book was run. [Less]
Posted 2 months ago
New Features Kobo driver: Support for firmware version 4.1 and Overdrive books on the device Edit Book: Highlight class names inside HTML tags Bulk metadata edit dialog: Allow search & replace to work for ratings columns as well. Bug Fixes ... [More] Fix downloading of metadata from ozon.ru, which broke due to website changes Kobo driver: Fix delete of empty collections Kobo driver: Fix book previews being sometimes detected as actual books Cover Browser: Fix setting an empty template for the title causes an error Edit Book: On windows do not trigger shortcuts when using the right Alt (AltGr) key. This allows it to be used for entering special characters instead. Edit Book: Auto-add file extension when using the Save a Copy dialog if it is missing. Linux: Fix calibre not launching when used with some old VNC server implementations Windows: Run library restore in a separate process as on some windows machines, running it in the main process causes something in the system to lock the db file. Fix some news downloads in east asian languages not working because the truncation of article descriptions could cause invalid UTF-16 bytes in the string Fix incorrect timezone when editing custom date columns directly in the book list [Less]
Posted 3 months ago
New Features Add a tweak to Preferences->Tweaks to control the list of servers calibre considers public email servers Bug Fixes Content server: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke the OPDS feeds for libraries with no custom ... [More] columns Edit metadata dialog: Fix auto-generation/validation of author sort values not working when only changing case of the author name. A nicer error message when calibre fails to create the temporary directory. Fix dates being set to empty in bulk search/replace not becoming UNDEFINED Edit metadata dialog: Make pressing up on an undefined numeric field set the value to zero instead of -99999. Conversion: Handle corrupted JPEG files that have valid headers but invalid data. Conversion: Improve detection of input documents that use uppercase tag/attribute names. Fix regression in previous release that caused incorrect display of ratings in the side panel of the metadata download dialog Get Books: Update publio and virtualo store plugins for website changes Fix reading metadata from PDF files broken by poppler >= 0.47.0 Change the application name set in Qt to calibre from libprs500. [Less]
Posted 3 months ago
New Features Allow creating custom rating columns that support half-stars via Preferences->Add your own columns Tag Browser: Add an option in Preferences->Look & Feel->Tag Browser to turn off the display of counts in the Tag Browser ... [More] Tag browser: Show the book counts on the right edge of the Tag Browser Cover Browser: Allow any metadata field to be used as the sub-title, not just the rating Edit Book: A new tool to sort the rules in a CSS stylesheet. To use it add it to the toolbar for CSS editors Edit Book: The Remove Unused CSS tool now has an option to also merge CSS rules that have identical selectors Add a tweak in Preferences->Tweaks to exclude some images types from being treated a covers when dropped onto the Book Details panel. Allow reading more image formats as covers (All images will be converted to JPEG when stored). Content server: OPDS feeds: Change the value of Kobo driver: Add support for firmware version 4 available on the new Kobo Aura One Bug Fixes ODT Input: Add support for continued lists. Edit Book: Fix high-dpi rendering of emblems in the File Browser Fix regression in previous release that caused wide column icons to be scaled incorrectly Metadata download dialog: Fix https links in the download summary not working DOCX Output: Handle nested display:table tags with no rows. PDF Output: Fix OpenType fonts with CFF font data not embeddable on windows [Less]
Posted 3 months ago
New Features A simplified calibre logo Edit Book: Allow restricting a search to the files currently open for editing Driver for the PocketBook Touch HD Kobo driver: Add support for firmware version 3.20 Bug Fixes DOCX Input: Fix right-to-left ... [More] alignment not working for footnotes. Sending email: Allow setting up a mail relay that uses encryption without a username and password. Linux: Fix calibre not working when the username is non-ASCII. DOCX Output: Ignore invalid text-indent values in the input document instead of erroring out. Portable Installer: Auto-create the installation folder specified on the command line if it does not exist Kobo driver: Fix the ignore collections in option not working More user interface fixes for high DPI screens DOCX Input: Fix a regression in the previous release that could cause invalid values to be output for the text-align CSS property [Less]
Posted 3 months ago
New Features Driver for Kobo Aura One and Aura Edition 2 Kobo driver: Add an option to ignore some collections on the device. The specified collections will not be touched by the driver. Add an option in Preferences->Searching to make searching ... [More] case-sensitive DOCX Input: Add support for right-to-left text/tables Bug Fixes Fix some icons/images in the user interface looking blurred in environments with High DPI scaling enabled, such as OS X retina screens DOCX Input: Fix images that have the # character in their filenames not being converted correctly. ToC wizard: Fix generating toc from headings/xpath yielding unexpected results when tags are present out of sequence Edit Book: Fix drag and drop of text replacing non-breaking spaces with normal spaces E-book viewer: Fix duplicate names in hyphenation dictionary chooser. Fix a regression in the previous release that caused the completion popups for some custom column types in the book list to stop working. Version 2.65.1 contains a quick-fix for a typo in 2.65.0 that caused calibre to crash when a device is connected and the cover grid is enabled [Less]
Posted 4 months ago
New Features Custom columns: Add a new 'Short text' column type that behaves like the builtin title column Edit book: Function mode: Allow appending text to the end of the marked text when running function mode search/replace on marked text PDF ... [More] Output: Add a new variable _TOP_LEVEL_SECTION_ for use in header/footer templates that resolves to the current top-most section in the Table of Contents Linux/OSX: Shutdown gracefully on receiving the interrupt or terminate Unix signals Bug Fixes PDF Output: Fix a regression that caused the last page of a chapter to sometimes be dropped from the output Do not show an error if the user tries to quit calibre while editing a cell in the book list. Instead, just silently abort the edit. E-book viewer: Fix 0px margins and percentage margins not being respected when the option to override book margins is turned off. Book Details: Do not show the 'Copy link' context menu item unless there is an actual link at the cursor location. Get Books: Update store plugin for nexto [Less]