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Canary is an open source Twitter client, developed in Objective-C / Cocoa and is under an MIT license.

Canary's main features are multiple timelines, filters to help you focus on the stuff you read, drag-and-drop TwitPic integration and an easy way to add/remove/block fellow twitterers.

Additional features:
- Full support for Growl notifications
- Recognizes (and underlines) URLs, hashtags, ISBNs, ISSNs
- Add or remove, block or unblock users on the fly, favorites and retweets any tweet, visit users' home or twitter pages
- Login in and out of multiple Twitter accounts
- Drag and drop any picture to TwitPic or take your own picture
- iTunes integration
- Automatic URL shortening on paste
- Researcher friendly: recognizes DOI and HDL identifiers and resolves them to the original articles



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