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Analyzed 27 days ago. based on code collected about 1 month ago.
Posted 3 days ago by michalis
Simple platformer-shooter done during 12-hour gamejam using Castle Game Engine! Binaries on https://gitlab.com/michaliskambi/in-space-everyone-is-screaming/tags/v1.0 , source code on https://gitlab.com/michaliskambi/in-space-everyone-is-screaming . ... [More] This is really just a technical beginning, without any playable level design, or fancy enemies swarms, or graphics.. But it’s a working start, with jumping and shooting and enemies, ready to be extended! 🙂 [Less]
Posted 11 days ago by michalis
First of all, I’m proudly attaching a few images of various games using Castle Game Engine running on a real iPhone:) Our build tool got some significant improvements lately. I hinted about some of them in the recent “Easy compilation for iOS” announcement, but actually there’s more, and some of them benefit all platforms 🙂 … Continue reading ➤
Posted 19 days ago by michalis
Trivially easy compilation of your games to iOS!!! You can now take any Castle Game Engine game, and recompile it for iOS (iPhone, iPad) easily. No need to write *any* iOS-specific code. Short instructions: Follow iOS documentation to get FPC, with a ... [More] cross-compiler, for iOS targets. Inside CastleEngineManifest.xml, define game_units="...", listing the necessary game units … Continue reading ➤ [Less]
Posted 27 days ago by michalis
I was working intensively on support of CommonSurfaceShader (aka “material on steroids”) in view3dscene and Castle Game Engine, and the following features have been added: specular maps (vary specular color throughout the surface, e.g. making it ... [More] selectively shiny or “rough”) shininess maps ambient maps configuring displacementFactor for parallax bump mapping support for reflectionFactor and transmissionFactor … Continue reading ➤ [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by michalis
I was playing with the ray-tracer inside Castle Game Engine this weekend. Although the focus of our engine is real-time rendering (not a software ray-tracer), but there is a distinct pleasure when you’re able to generate pretty images without the ... [More] help of OpenGL:) New ray-tracer features: It can now use smooth normal vectors. Classic ray-tracer … Continue reading ➤ [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by michalis
I’m proud to announce an initial implementation of CommonSurfaceShader in Castle Game Engine and view3dscene! CommonSurfaceShader acts as a powerful “material on steroids” X3D node, in particular with support for normal maps (bump mapping). 1. The ... [More] documentation 2. The demos 3. To try this *now*, you can use view3dscene from our “nightly builds”. Or you … Continue reading ➤ [Less]
Posted about 2 months ago by michalis
Recently I’ve been playing with fpcupdeluxe, a great tool to install FPC/Lazarus (stable, unstable…), with cross-compilers. I’m very impressed by it, and I wrote a wiki page documenting how to use it (in the context of Castle Game Engine, although ... [More] contains some general notes too): https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-engine/wiki/fpcupdeluxe In another news: Ten Square Games is helping us … Continue reading ➤ [Less]
Posted about 2 months ago by michalis
Castle Game Engine and view3dscene support now the STL format for 3D models, commonly used for 3D printing. This means that you can open these models using view3dscene, or the engine API (TCastleScene.Load), and you can convert STL files to X3D. It’s a really simple 3D format (just vertexes with normals), and I think that … Continue reading ➤
Posted 2 months ago by michalis
We’re happy to announce Castle Game Engine 6.0.2 release! Download it from our webpage. This is a small, mostly-bugfix release. So we only have 6 new features:) New features: sprite-sheet-to-x3d tool: The animations duration is now calculated looking ... [More] at the number of animation frames and the FramesPerSecond value. FramesPerSecond is by default 4, but it … Continue reading ➤ [Less]
Posted 3 months ago by michalis
We have just released view3dscene 3.16.1. This is a bugfix release for an important bug that slipped in view3dscene 3.16.0 (most files using the IMPORT keyword failed to load with “Invalid type cast” message). view3dscene is our open-source ... [More] cross-platform X3D and VRML browser (and a viewer for other 3D formats). It is quite powerful tool … Continue reading ➤ [Less]