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What Castore is ?Castore is a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler which aim is to be as pluggable and language/machine depended as possible. In order to perform this task the compiler has been splitted in three level:

High language level (bytecode/source code instructions) Middle language level (ml instructions - ml language) Low language level (machine instructions)

Except for the middle language level the other two level should be able to work with different languages. For example at bytecode level castore should be able to run both Java Bytecode and Ecma-335 Bytecode (aka CIL). For this reason different front-end (decoder+runtime) should be potentially used.

Machine language should also be generated for a wide range of different machines and Operatign Systems. In order to perform this task castore should be able to use different back-ends to generate machine code.

Why another JIT compiler?This is a very good question. Mostly because I enjoy programming and I love the magic behind a compiler. Furthermore I'd like to produce a fast JIT-Compiler that can be used by many different language as Front-End.

Where to startI suggest you from the installation process by clicking here if you are a standard user ot by clicking here if you are a developer interested in the last castore version.


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