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A CGI::Application based control module that uses Swish-e API in perl ( to to perform searches on a swish-e index of documents. Features

Sub-Classable. Unlike the Perl examples that come with swish-e, this is not a script, and can be customized without modifiying the original so that several sites may share the same underlying code. Uses CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate to allow flexibility in template engine choice (HTML::Template, Template-Toolkit or Petal). Built-in templates to use out of box or as examples for your own templates HiLighted search results HiLighted pages linked from search results AJAX results sent to page without need of a page reload AJAX powered 'auto-suggest' to give the user list of choices available for search


In a Nutshell, cgi-application-search...


30 Day Summary

Oct 25 2015 — Nov 24 2015

12 Month Summary

Nov 24 2014 — Nov 24 2015



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