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What's this project ?This project intends to offer a web-oriented tool to manage... projects !

The kind of project that'll be handled may be anything from cooking recipes to house building or software development.

Anyone who needs to manage Time, Tasks, Resources, Budget, Statistics and Communications should be interested in our tool.

We really hope to have a first functional version asap.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Monthly NewsMarch 2009jUnit tests on client are almost done Main widgets are almost done Tuning the tasklist and gantt widget February 2009Main widgets are almost done DnD is ok Tuning the tasklist and gantt widget Coding junit for more stability Development goes on and on... January 2009Happy new year !!! Coding the lastest D&D behaviours Merging for v1.0 Moved to gwt 1.5.3 December 2008Widgets 2/14, 3/14 and 4/14 are finished ! Two other widgets have started Merging for v1.0 will soon begin November 2008Widgets 2/14, 3/14, and 4/14 are started ! October 2008The first widget is finished ! Development goes on and on... September 2008The first widget is now 90% finished, it was a tough one :) We moved to gwt 1.5.2 ! Development goes on and on... August 2008Our first application component looks pretty nice and is over 50% achieved We're following our development map... July 2008We decided to make our components pure gwt instead of using tierce libraries. Development goes on... June 2008GUI analysis is finished ! Development started with gwt 1.5 ... May 2008DB is finished ! Research for the best GUI solution started... April 2008Tests (widgets, Hibernate, Spring, drag'n drop) finished ! DB started.... March 2008Tests (widgets, Hibernate, Spring, drag'n drop) started... We would like to thank the authors of the following list of tools we're using in our project. Great work !

Google for its amazing GWT ;) gwt-dnd Hibernate4gwt


web dnd communication project time gantt management gwt task team todo opensource charts online schedule

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