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An online strategy game based on the under-appreciated Chaos Overlords. The turn-based game is basically a board game where player's vie for control of all sectors, or for the various goals defined in game setup. 'Gangs' are hired to help conquer these goals and territories are equipped with buildings that help gain you money, weapons, or other abilities.

Dragging tiles over the static board would probably need to be done via DHTML - AJAX might come in handy dealing with interactions. Database infrastructure will probably use MySQL (what else). Definitely open to suggestions here...

Possible features:
   * Giant game boards
   * >6 players
   * More gangs, buildings, and weapons
   * gang and weapon editor
   * more game types
   * darker, bloodier, and more twisted humor
   * real-time play
      * games continue even if you're not there
      * gangs and movement distributed over time instead of over turns
      * For large games - A kind of MMO type game, where you can log in over time to see how your gangs are doing, hire new ones, plan movement, buy equipment, etc...
   * advanced gang movement strategy. Design routes and patrols for gangs in territories that are owned.
   * gangs (and the game itself) is not unlike a complex card game - can tie into an offline card-based gaming system.

The game isn't hugely dependent on graphics. It would probably make a great project or side-project for online developers. Wanna join the project? Email the neck-kickers at

UPDATE 08/04
Development hasn't started yet, so backend work can start in either Java, Python, or C. Email to discuss.


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