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What is Charozt?

8layer's Music On Hold (MOH) Uploader or simply CHAROZT is Linux-based
application that can be installed in Linux desktops to convert .MP3 to
.WAV specifically for Asterisk supported MOH.

Apart from its utility of converting .MP3, the real essence of Charozt
is its capability to easily upload these converted music files to the
Asterisk Server and use them for Asterisk's Music On Hold feature.

The user only needs to know his/her Asterisk server details to upload
not just one but multiple converted music files.

n. [chä roz' t]
informal definitions

1. She is your grandmother's daughter but she ain't your mother and
she is called ROZ.
2. Aunt Roz T (cha' roz-t)
3. Tea + Roast ... of any kind, beef or pork (tsa' roz-t)
4. Mistaken for the carriage that Joseph rode on with his Multi-Colored
Coat. (cha-ro's)

Usage Note: The word charozt can also be used as a term of endearment but not
to be overused as an expression meant to tease or appease origin of the name.

Origin of the Name: Attributed to one of the code's authors during the
month-ender drinking spree. His eyes mesmerized, bewildered and all a-glow,
it was evident that the very reason is "CHAROOOOZZZZZTTT".

Joel Bryan Juliano
Meric B. Mara


asterisk communication gnome gtk+ iax linux music-on-hold pbx sip softswitch telecommunications telephony voip

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