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DOWNLOAD LATEST STABLE VERSION | Testimonials | Blog | In Action | Twitter | Chartlecharts4j is a free, lightweight charts & graphs Java API. It enables developers to programmatically create the charts available in the Google Chart API through a straightforward and intuitive Java API.

Javadoc | pre-Java 5 support | For those migrating from gchartjava see here.

FeaturesSupports nearly all1 features of the Google Chart API Hides the ugly details of creating the URL parameters that are necessary for communicating with the Google Chart API Can be incorporated into any Internet enabled Swing or web application environment (JSP/Servlet, GWT, Spring MVC, etc.) 100% pure core Java solution. No need for special graphics libraries, etc. Super-scalable & Lightweight. Only one 160Kb jar and an Internet connection required Well documented GWT client-side support. JFreeChart Eastwood Servlet integration. Best of all, it is FREE! NewsMay 19, 2009

Version 1.2 is out!

Chart Gallery with Code Examples

Line Chart Code Example 1

Line Chart Code Example 2

Bar Chart Code Example 1

Bar Chart Code Example 2

Scatter Chart Code Example

Radar Chart Code Example 1

Radar Chart Code Example 2

Pie Chart Code Example 1

Pie Chart Code Example 2

XY Chart Code Example

Map Chart Code Example

Venn Chart Code Example

Google-O-Meter Code Example

Very Simple Code Example

Data, labels, grids, range markers are expressed in the same way throughout charts4j so the chart elements snap together nicely and consistently when the chart is rendered.

Code Example

The same plot object can be expressed through five different chart types.

Line Chart

Bar Chart

Radar Chart

Scatter Plot

XYLine Chart

Same Plot, Different Charts

Java Swing Example

1. As of May 2009, the chart types that are not supported are QR Codes, map pins, sticky notes, information bubbles, text with outline. There are also a few other Google Chart API features that have not been exposed in charts4j. If this is a problem for you please submit an issue, and we will look into it as soon as possible.


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