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Overview:A Google Scholar Universal Gadget which enables users to search for the total number of citations of author(s). It provides a total citation count, total number of cited publications and Jorge E. Hirsch's H-Index.


InstallationRead instructions or simply add to your iGoogle by clicking here:

OperationThis gadget queries Google Scholar in the same fashion as a web-browser. The returned results are initially analysed for the total amount of publications found. This information is subsequently used in order to retrieve all necessary pages of available publications. The gadget then fetches these pages (Google limits this to 10 pages) and parses the returned HTML data. Relevant citation data is extracted in order to calculate a total number of citations per given author as well as other statistics.

Note:Suitable Google Scholar API needs to be first released in order to get a more complete and accurate application. Google scholar limits the number of returned publications per search to 1000 (i.e. 10 pages if 100 publications are returned per page).

The position of the author is not taken into account.

Citation is calculated as long as the searched person is one of the named authors on the paper.

Contact:For comments, ideas or any queries please contact me at: thefillm , replacing with @. Or have a look at our Discussion group and post a comment there.


In a Nutshell, citations-gadget...



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