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Project Summary

CiudadelaSim, is a project originated in the Advanced Engineering Unit at CINVESTAV Guadalajara. This project propose to develop a modelling framework (MDEMAF) to designing a software system simulator capable of speeding up the simulation of urban traffic systems using the event oriented approach and the multi-agent programming paradigm.

The aim of MDEMAF is provide a scheme for the develop and/or implementation of a multi-agent discrete event simulator

Complex relations between different entities and other processes have to be analysed and mapped into the model An abstraction process is important for flexible traffic analysis since it reduces the complexity of a model, retaining its validity relative to the modeling objectives and experimental condition. A way to express and analyze various requeriments of the traffic analyst hierarchically and structurally Modelling Framework has been defined to allow:

Achieve design simplicity and modularity Allow multi-agent systems to be added into a discrete event world Specification of Software Architecture Modelling layers:

Domain Level: Integration of two modelling languages usually results in a gap Modeler Level:Models are stored in different formats Computation Level: Ambiguity is a mayor problem common understanding of the domain between all stakeholders is essential Expert User Level: different formats for input and output data The proposed modeling framework capture the dynamics and geographical information of a urban traffic system, using the multi-agent paradigm, the proposed model allows to select the desired level of microscopic road users behavior, using an event oriented approach is captured the dynamical entities behaivor.

The CiudadelaSim software, including full source code, is available for download via this website. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means it is free, open source, and any derived works are also covered under the license. The intent of this licensing approach is to avoid proprietary obstacles and costs, and to facilitate collaboration between researchers and practitioners in improving land use and transportation planning and policy.

This web site is the official site for access to CiudadelaSim software and documentation, Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating on further development of the system. If you have questions regarding CiudadelaSim or this web site, please contact Emmanuel López Neri at elopezneri (at) gmail.com


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