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This is a framework for Behavior Spec Driven Design; which is the development method also known as Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development.

The target language is modern implementations of C++.

In the BSDD process, the programmer goes through the following steps in approximately five minutes:

1. create a "spec" - an executable specification for some behavior. 2. execute the spec -- it should fail because that behavior doesn't exit yet. 3. create just enough code to implement the behavior 4. execute the spec -- it should pass now if the code is correct. (If not passing, fix the code). 5. clean up the code -- refactoring to improve the design and eliminate duplication. 6. execute the specs -- they should still pass after refactoring (if not passing, undo the refactoring and/or fix the problem)

Repeat steps 1 - 6 - executing ALL the existing specs in step 4. Step 5 may not be done every time through the cycle.

Like chess, the rules are simple, but there is a lot to learn about writing small specs, writing small amounts of code to pass the specs, and refactoring to improve the design of the whole product.

Most of the C++ framework is not dependent on operating system or other packages. Some portions may use Boost.


design test behaviordrivendevelopment objective-c cross-platform testdrivendevelopment tdd boost bdd platform-independent c

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