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-- The CLIMAX Candy Suite BETA --

CLIMAX. The pinnacle of achievement. The top of its game. True Hackers everywhere have known that you find the most power available at your fingertips in a pure, uncluttered command line interface. The most fun a True Hacker will have on a computer is found in issuing direct commands to the machine, and having it listen.

Unfortunately, most software released today can neither be said to be uncluttered, nor can it rightly be called fun.

So we write our own. Countless little scripts and utilities that do something useful. Or not useful. (Not every command line utility has to have a purpose; there are many that we write simply to amuse ourselves when things get dull).

The problem is that, with all the attention given to commercial, GUI-based solutions, the CLI is often overlooked as a source of productivity and entertainment.

That has SO got to change.

The CLIMAX Frameworks bring the CLI back to its proper place as the first and most convenient tool we reach for every day, encouraging coders to easily develop for the CLI when writing a new tool.

And then there's Candy.. Candy isn't good for a main meal, but is nice in little bits here and there. Some of the programs in the Candy Suite are really useful though! (Check out the included program called gcode for an example). Together in this suite of software you will find productivity and entertainment married into a seriously lighthearted set of tools and frameworks.

You sort of get twins when you download The CLIMAX Candy Suite:

- The CLIMAX Frameworks, enabling you to quickly author new CLI tools in your favorite language.
- The Candy Suite, making the CLI more safe, more efficient, and more fun!

I hope that you will deeply enjoy CLIMAX, and mind you don't eat all the candy at once!


Both the SVN repo and the downloads page have the latest BETA release available, currently including only programs from the Candy Suite. I am working on the CLIMAX Frameworks further before posting them, so just enjoy the Candy Suite for now. ;]

The first framework I'll be finishing is for writing CLI programs in PHP.

If you are writing a CLI utility in PHP5, you have to handle arguments and stuff by hand, right? Include and extend the PHP CLIMAX Framework, which handles things such as reading in command-line arguments, echoing ascii-art chrome, etc. Basic tasks such as database read/write, apache management, and XBOS management are also included. I'm just wrapping up development on the PHP5 version. Look for that, and initial progress on the C version, coming soon.

new ( For a preview of all the languages for which there will be a framework, peek at the empty folders inside /trunk/climax/ )

With Climax, you will be able to quickly develop command-line utilities, database utilities, web server utilities, and OS-level utilities without having to start from scratch every time!


bash candy cli climax commandline framework ksh php posix shell suite terminal unix xbos

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