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Project Activity Not Available    
Open Hub Data Quality Updated about 1 year ago    
Project License GPL-2.0+    
Estimated Cost $87,359,648    

All Time Statistics

Contributors (All Time)
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1470 developers    
Commits (All Time)
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153,566 commits    
Initial Commit over 13 years ago    
Most Recent Commit about 1 year ago    

12 Month Statistics

Contributors (Past 12 Months) 208 developers    
Commits (Past 12 Months) 7,564 commits    
Files Modified 29,184 files    
Lines Added 561,198 lines    
Lines Removed 496,635 lines    
Year-Over-Year Commits Stable    

30 Day Statistics

Contributors (Past 30 Days) 57 developers    
Commits (Past 30 Days) 497 commits    
Files Modified 2,912 files    
Lines Added 25,125 lines    
Lines Removed 9,865 lines    

Code Analysis

Mostly Written In Ebuild    
Comments Average    
Lines of Code
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5,277,493 lines    


Open Hub Users 700 users    
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Based on 275 user ratings.