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Project Activity Not Available Not Available  
Open Hub Data Quality Updated 7 months ago Updated 3 days ago  
Project License BSD-3-Clause, LGPL, PHP-3.0 GPL-2.0+  
Estimated Cost $170,742,191 $0  

All Time Statistics

Contributors (All Time)
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677 developers 1 developer  
Commits (All Time)
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109,909 commits 1 commit  
Initial Commit over 15 years ago over 8 years ago  
Most Recent Commit 7 months ago over 8 years ago  

12 Month Statistics

Contributors (Past 12 Months) 61 developers No Activity  
Commits (Past 12 Months) 1,189 commits  
Files Modified 6,997 files  
Lines Added 66,208 lines  
Lines Removed 763,291 lines  
Year-Over-Year Commits Decreasing Stable  

30 Day Statistics

Contributors (Past 30 Days) 6 developers No Activity  
Commits (Past 30 Days) 21 commits  
Files Modified 16 files  
Lines Added 371 lines  
Lines Removed 137 lines  

Code Analysis

Mostly Written In PHP No Code Found  
Comments Average No Comments Found  
Lines of Code
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10,092,796 lines 0 lines  


Managers Position not yet claimed  
Open Hub Users 437 users 0 users  
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