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Project Summary

PresentationCounterclockwise is an Eclipse plugin helping developers write Clojure code.

Installing Counterclockwise and starting testing/developing in clojure is really just a matter of minutes!

ANNOUNCE NEW RELEASE 0.0.52 (as of 2010/03/27) (see the ReleaseNotes page for detail)

VIDEOSgetting started video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T0ZjBMIQS8 (no sound, but covers the basics quickly) another "how to intall" video from Sean Devlin: http://vimeo.com/channels/fulldisclojure#9223070 Quick linksScreenshots Installation / Feature description / Documentation Release notes Source code repository on github TroubleShooting Coarse grained roadmap(in bold features already implemented)

Source code editing: syntax coloring, rainbow parens interaction with the REPL paredit mode (25% done) auto-indentation Formatting Navigation a minima of JDT integration Code completion with source/java doc (first pass) Debug Ability to add breakpoints to clojure source code REPL namespace browser navigate the tree of currently loaded libs symbol name/docstring based search feature jump to code feature syntax coloring code completion JDT integration auto-build feature coupled with the active REPL How is Counterclockwise related to clojure-devclojure-dev was the first name of the Counterclockwise project. But then Rich Hickey created a clojure mailing list dedicated to the developers of clojure, and named it "clojuredev". So as good citizens, we chose to change the name of the clojure-dev project to Counterclockwise (ccw for short).


ccw clojure clojuredev clojure-dev counterclockwise eclipse eclipseplugin java jdt lisp plug-in


In a Nutshell, counterclockwise...

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