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"C-services is an irc-service intended for a wide range of irc-servers. Currently only vantage (can be found on ftp.krey.net) is supported, but the next fase in our project is porting it to other servers. C-services doesn't use the nickserv, chanserv, operserv etc principle, it uses one central bot that performs all the tasks. Among the allready supported features are: registering channels, kicks, clearchans (mass operations on an entire chans, kick everyone, remove all bans, ..), kills, glines, jupes, ... Data is stored in a mysql-database. One of the key features of our services is the fact that users remain loged in, even if services go offline for a short period. (The vantageserver has special commands to provide this features, for other ircd's user data is going to be stored elsewhere).
C-services depends on the mysql-library. It's written in C"
Sam Hermans, this project author, cease to develop and maintain it. This project is now orphan. Existing source code remains in the CVS source tree.
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