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Cumulus4j secures and protects an application's data by encrypting it on its way into the database. The data is decrypted again automatically when it is read from the DB.

This is especially useful when storing data in the cloud. But even in a private data center, Cumulus4j can add significant security and prevent an intruder from stealing valuable data.

Being a plug-in for DataNucleus, Cumulus4j supports both common persistence standards: JDO as well as JPA. This and the fact that it operates nearly transparently makes it very easy to integrate into an application. Data can be queried comfortably and effeciently using JDOQL and JPQL.

The Cumulus4j project is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


database datanucleus encryption java jdo jdoql jpa jpa2 jpql persistence security

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