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This project is a modern C++ library with a focus on portability and program correctness. It strives to be easy to use right and hard to use wrong. Thus, it comes with extensive documentation and thorough debugging modes. The library provides a platform abstraction layer for common tasks such as interfacing with network services, handling threads, or creating graphical user interfaces. Additionally, the library implements many useful algorithms such as data compression routines, linked lists, binary search trees, linear algebra and matrix utilities, machine learning algorithms, XML and text parsing, and many other general utilities.


algorithms api bayesnet c++ classifiers command_line compression cplusplus cross-platform framework gui library linear_algebra linux log4j logging mac machine_learning macos macosx mac_os_x multithreading networking oo osx parser portable posix programming sockets support_vector_machines tcp tcpip threading toolkit tools unix web windows x11

In a Nutshell, dlib C++ Library...

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