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Posted 4 days ago by Anonymous
Unable to see online users's Graph in dalo web.
Posted 5 days ago by asif
Can anyone guide me how to connect Multiple MicroTik with Radius
Posted 5 days ago by asif
@Habagat Your issue is resolved or not yet
Posted 5 days ago by asif
Hi I am configuring 2 Hotspots via MicroTik. I have created users like: abc,xyz These users are working(Authentication is OK) at hotspot#1 but not working at hotspot#2 Can you explain the reasons behind this issue?
Posted 5 days ago by Liran Tal
You can add a check/reply attribute that effectively doesn't really do anything to the users or to the user's groups and maybe based on that to query and filter. FreeRADIUS might not use that attribute for anything but you'll be able to use it.
Posted 5 days ago by Liran Tal
I'm not actively developing the project so it's likely not coming anytime soon. However, you have the entire source code and with basic Frontend & PHP skills you should be just find to add it on your own or with a contract developer. Apologies and goodluck!
Posted 16 days ago by Khurram Anees
DAVID: My columns are present but still getting error about this.
Posted 16 days ago by Khurram Anees
Hello, I am still facing issues.I'm running DaloRadius 0.9-9 + freeradius-3.0.13-8.el7_4 + mariadb-10.1 CentOS-7 1- Not able to see accounting of NAS & clients in daloradius. but i can see in the folder of freeradius. 2- Error: rlm_sql_mysql: ... [More] MySQL error 'Unknown column 'acctupdatetime' in 'field. this error is in the daloradius logs after client get connected. please help me. i am new to linux and i am tired of searching now. i am not able to downgrade to FR2 in centos7. it gives error when i download... [Less]
Posted 19 days ago by Niko
Hello all, I would like to ask you about opportunity for search box for NAS client devices. We have about 1K devices and can't search :( Is it possible to create search box for NAS client devices ? Thank you very much for your support. Best regards, Niko
Posted 20 days ago by David
Hello, There are 2 Columns missing from the schema: acctupdatetime acctinterval Once these are added it seems to work fine. +----------------------+-------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | ... [More] +----------------------+-------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | radacctid | bigint(21) | NO | PRI | NULL | auto_increment | | acctsessionid | varchar(64) | NO | MUL | | | | acctuniqueid | varchar(32) | NO | MUL | | | | username | varchar(64)... [Less]