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This project still a work in progressThis is an XSI rigging framework wrote in Python. The DAN_RigSystem python Package has been created for work with a specific "XSI enviroment". It constantly looks for other plugins and operators we supposed are correctly loaded in XSI.

Dependencies:This framework can't work properly if is used without the following things:

Softimage|XSI 6.0 or higher Python 2.5 and relative Pythoncom It cannot create GenericProperty if the specific plugins is not installed in XSI. The PYTHONPATH must be setted properly in order to find where this package is It needs some XSI custom operators. Because they are not strictly part of this framework they are created as external plugins. this is a list of operators this framework required: C++ Operators (a complete list will follow)


3d animation automatic python rig xsi

In a Nutshell, dan-rigsystem...

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