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nothingmuch says:
Solid stuff  
written about 10 years ago

This is definitely not supported by a "Small development team", nor is there a "Short source control history". DBIx::Class is one of the most solid and active projects in the Perl community as a whole. Those warnings are a result of ohloh's rather limited SVN support, and DBIC's repository layout.

What's special about DBIC is that it has not only saved countless hours in the begining of projects, where all ORMs seem to shine in their own special way, but it can sustain it's usefulness even in the rigors of strange demands. It is by far the most flexible and well designed system I've had the pleasure of working with.


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...bangperl says:
Well worth the learning curve  
written over 9 years ago

I was initially fazed by the learning curve when transitioning from Class::DBI, but once I drank the koolaid and stopped expecting it to behave exactly like CDBI and instead treated it as entirely new and seperate ORM it really clicked.

On my current project, DBIC has allowed us to focus on the business logic and not spend time worrying about mucking about with SQL.

The power and flexibility of the search interface, the ability to handle joins and prefetch data elegantly has meant that even the hairiest scariest query generation code is now managable.

The documentation and support is incredible even for the vibrant perl community you find around CPAN.

I've yet to see something close to as good provided for other languages.

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