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A collection of scripts, models, and tools written in python, sql, or javascript using open source geospatial software (FOSS4G).

SVN Trunk is organized by software and then by project or type.

For example a recent project primarily using postgis and sql for hydrological analysis and modeling can be found in a 'hydro_project' folder within the 'postgis' directory:

Note: All code written on Mac OS 10.5 and not tested on other systems unless noted, so if you attempt to run any scripts on linux or windows you'll find slight modifications necessary. Other great repos on google code for foss4g related scripts include:

Other google code sites with python, sql, and openlayers examples:

Further examples of python for geospatial:

General Python learning resources:



30 Day Summary

Jul 4 2015 — Aug 3 2015

12 Month Summary

Aug 3 2014 — Aug 3 2015



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