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DirtY BLoB WaRs is a platform shooting game based on Parallel Realities' Blob Wars. Curretly there's two branch:

master: based on Parallel Realities' codes, contains some minor changes/fixes/hacks. Playable, but except some minor problems, whose are unlikely to get fixed.

new: a new engine, mostly written from scratch except for some parts borrowed from other games (lisp reader, tinygettext, babyxml, ...). Currently unplayable (no input support :( ).

Note: due to the 2 branch (one that is playable, and the another that's not playable, but developed) some commits and code portions appears twice..


2d linux arcade run_and_gun platformer c++ platform singleplayer sdl game physfs

In a Nutshell, DirtY BLoB WaRs...

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