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Posted 5 days ago by Golden Lense
Pet lovers and pet owners consider their pets as a part of their family and shower them with love and affection aside from providing their needs. In a sense, pets are like your children, albeit in a rather furry way. In America, most pet owners have ... [More] cats and dogs at home and for good reason. There has been news now and then of pets saving their owner’s lives from accidents or even a medical emergency. And it is actually true, especially with dogs. Their heightened senses make them more sensitive to certain things than their human counterparts. There is a reason why dogs are made into guard dogs and guide dogs by many. Indeed, man can always rely on his trusty furry best friend to save the day for him. Most people are aware of the incredible talents of #Dogs to sniff out such things as explosive, weapons, drugs, lost people and their “enemies,” the feline. There is just something special about their sniffers that cannot compare to us as a human. A dog has a sense of smell anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than that of any person. This is due … [Less]
Posted 9 days ago by Golden Lense
Several years ago, not many owned a laptop or a computer at home. It was a luxury that many can still afford to live without. Yet as the years go by and as technology progresses, most of us begin to realize that these technological contraptions are ... [More] already a necessity that everyone needs to have at home. While smartphones give us access to the web and offer more flexibility, the enduring capability and multitasking properties offered by either a laptop or a desktop computer outshines the more handy and flashy smartphones and tablets. Now, if I were to ask you, will you go for a laptop or a desktop computer? It may be a tricky question for some but you eventually have to choose over time. What you buy depends on your computing needs. While a laptop is undoubtedly a crowd favorite because of the comfort and convenience it offers, it does have its disadvantages. The same can be said about desktop computers. Choosing which one to buy all boils down to what you need. You may never buy another laptop. Ten years ago, laptop sales overtook desktop PC sales to become the dominant hardware platform … [Less]
Posted 14 days ago by Golden Lense
Sleep is a luxury. At the end of a long day, we all look forward to lying down in bed and enjoy the comfort and relaxation it brings. We may hate being told to go to sleep as kids but we now realize its value as adults when adult-ing and adult ... [More] responsibilities take away precious sleep from us. Moreover, our health also deteriorates as our body gets older and the lack of sleep puts our health in even grave danger. An example of a sleep disorder that is far too common but only a few gets treated for is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a medical condition that is characterized by snoring during sleep. This disorder happens as your breathing constantly pauses or stops while sleeping. It is a life-threatening condition that many of us only laugh about, not fully understanding the severity of such a condition. Snoring is the vibration of the respiratory channel in the human body that results in the generation of sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing in the sleep. In some of the cases, the sound may be soft, but in some cases, the sound could be loud … [Less]
Posted 18 days ago by Golden Lense
We are all human. Whether we are ordinary citizens or one born with a silver spoon in his/ her mouth, we get affected by the issues that surround us. Although the rich can afford to ignore the issues that affect the masses while living in their big ... [More] mansions with high gates, they still see everything once they go out of their expensive homes. What’s more, political issues can also affect their businesses and relationship with others. But as the world gets smaller and smaller because of technology, it becomes harder for everyone to turn a blind eye to pressing issues that require our attention. Even celebrities rise up to the challenge and speak up about their opinions on various topics. Celebrity activism was even more prominent during the last U.S. election when the stars openly showed their support to their chosen individuals to lead the country. During the past few years, we have seen an occurring trend of celebrities giving their political opinions. More recently, celebrities have consistently used award shows as a platform to talk about political issues. Some of the political comments made during award shows occur at the opening of the show … [Less]
Posted 23 days ago by Golden Lense
Raw talent is undeniably the most important thing for someone to make it big in the industry. Of course, a pleasing personality and a beautiful face to boot are also big factors but not all the time that famous musicians and singers are always good ... [More] looking. Many things have changed in the music industry over the years. Gone were the days when people used to listen to cassette tapes or their walkman to enjoy a good song or two. Nowadays, everything has gone digital. Although conventional CDs are still sold by music labels and make up a big chunk of music sales, music is now being sold online through iTunes, for instance, where everyone can listen to their favorite music from the comfort of their smartphones. Technology may have helped the music industry grow and reach out to more people but it has also limited the industry in some ways. Even the movies are also affected by all these changes. With theater attendance at a two-decade low and profits dwindling, the kind of disruption that hit music, publishing, and other industries is already reshaping the entertainment business. From A.I. Aaron Sorkin to C.G.I. actors to … [Less]
Posted 28 days ago by Golden Lense
We all rely on technology to get things done nowadays. From simple household chores, school assignments, work research, entertainment, and so much more, technology is at its core. So, it is not unusual to find a computer or other smart gadget in ... [More] every home these days. These gadgets are far becoming more of a necessity than the luxury that it once was. While most of us may own a computer or a laptop today, it does not mean that we are all tech-savvy when it comes to using it. We may know how to navigate the web and perform basic and some semi-advanced computer functions but it does not necessarily mean we can fix our computer once it gets broken because more often than not, we don’t. Only experts have extensive computer hard drive know-how. It involves familiarization with various technical processes and terminologies that one learns from in school. However, as we increase our computer use, we become more vulnerable to hacking and scamming threats. Now, are you capable of protecting your computer and yourself from cyber criminals? Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Cyber Security Research Center have demonstrated that … [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by Golden Lense
As technology takes over the world, businesses must also go digital in order to keep up and maintain their business. Traditional small and medium businesses have no choice but to establish an online presence to stay relevant in a world that is ... [More] continually changing and improving. Most big businesses got this aspect covered because they have the money to burn and the manpower to do the job for them but many small and medium enterprises struggle in making this transition, with many forming professional groups to cooperate and share resources. A globally interconnected world can actually work to your advantage because you are no longer limited by physical barriers that normally affect businesses in the past. The world is your oyster and you can make business in different corners of the world, which can probably increase your profit by more than you can imagine. However, for newbies and entrepreneurs who have no idea how to navigate technology, it might be a struggle and can greatly impede the growth of their business. The entrepreneurial landscape has been transformed by global interconnectivity, new supply chains, dynamic emerging markets and technological innovation. For European small businesses, taking full … [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by Golden Lense
Since time immemorial, there are people who are more generous than others. Giving back to the poor is something natural for them. Their selfless attributes are probably what shaped modern charity and gift giving in the world today. Not everyone has ... [More] the same opportunities in life and those who have been blessed more than others feel grateful for their blessings and also learned to share their blessings to those in need. Charity work is a bit different nowadays. The new twist in giving back to the poor has to do with more advanced technology that is now available to us. Even ordinary citizens can easily set up GoFundMe pages for various causes and people who are more blessed than others are quick to pitch in and donate whatever amount they can. However, there are a few who takes advantage of the generosity of others and steals a portion of the money that should have been given to the poor. Last week’s devastating Westminster attack left 5 people dead and a shocked nation reaching for their wallets to donate to the family of Keith Palmer, the valiant police officer who confronted Khalid Masood as he attempted … [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by Golden Lense
The world thinks the U.S. is a mighty and progressive country. And in many ways, they are correct in their thinking. The U.S. supports other developing nations and gives out funding for different programs and services. For many, they also see America ... [More] as a land of opportunities and a greener pasture where opportunities are endless if you just work hard enough. What the rest of the world doesn’t know is that while the U.S. appears to be a formidable nation, it also struggles with internal issues, most of which involves government officials and policies, the economy and even that of poverty. Education is expensive in America, which is why many American youths no longer proceed to college after graduating from high school. Hence, they miss out on better work opportunities where more experienced and educated foreign workers qualify for. It is the reason why a lot of American families rely on federal welfare. The number of the homeless people continues to rise as more employees get laid off from work because of budget cuts and a struggling economy. So, just what is the extent of poverty in America? It’s a familiar tune: the United States… [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by Golden Lense
A healthy body is your best defense against sickness. Our body is naturally equipped with antibodies that can fight off infections on its own. However, with the numerous stressors we face each day and the fact that even bacteria themselves evolve to ... [More] become resistant to antibiotics. Hence, getting yourself vaccinated is the best recourse to protecting yourself from illness and ensure you are always in great shape to do what you need to do each day. Infants and young children are required to get certain vaccinations and as we grew up, we think less and less of it unless we are asked to do so, like annual flu shots perhaps. Now, the question is, do we really need to get vaccinated or can we just rely on our natural antibodies to get us through our lifetime? There are a number of reasons why adults need vaccines. Vaccines wear off with time Some vaccines given during childhood wear off with time. As a result, a booster shot(s) is needed during adulthood. The dosing and timing varies, but an example is diphtheria and tetanus vaccines that require a booster every 10 years, even for adults. Some infections … [Less]