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Overview.NET Assemblies that integrate and expands on various advanced solutions for DataBinding, Reflection, UI Wrapping and more. Fuel your .NET applications with RAD techniques and ready-to-use code that picks up where the .NET framework left off.

DevFuel.Core.dll FeaturesGeneric Tuple class for use in Collections "Lookup" Properties system. I.e. A DataRow uses its foreign key relationship to determine what values a field can have (in a PropertyGrid) Support for sorting and filtering collections of standard objects (As opposed to only DataRow objects) in DataGridView controls XML helper routines Validate (with or without error/warning logging) XML using an XSD file Transform XML using an XSLT scripts (with or without warning/error logging) ClickOnce deployment support classes Hash and symmetric encryption support classes/wrappers CredUI PInvoke Wrapper Threading Task object for use with asynchronous UI System.Version matching class for verifying and matching version strings of the form "A.B.C.D" DevFuel.Core.V3_5.dll Features.NET Framework v3.5 Support Advanced strongly-typed Data Support through extension methods DataTable Merging Generalized TableAdapter handling of Fill, Update, Transactions, etc. DataRow "wrappers" for customizable use of DataRows in a PropertyGrid control or other data binding scenario. DevFuel.Core.UI.dll FeaturesAn augmentation of the System.Windows.Forms Namespace UITypeEditors for PropertyGrid designer support Lookup Property Support (DataTable and DataRelation awareness) Open file dialog editor for string type Save file dialog editor for string type Generic Modal Dialog editor using ellipsis button and launching designer generated form Generic drop down style editor displaying designer generated UserControl Double-buffered TableLayoutPanel ExceptionBox for displaying exceptions in a user-friendly format (better than MessageBox) InputBox for collecting user input in a customizable way MessagesBox for displaying multiple messages in a coherent manner PropertyGridBox to allow display and edit of the public properties of any object in a dialog PropertyGridEx to workaround some of the shortcomings of the PropertyGrid control ReportViewer to nicely display XML+XSLT=HTML style reports (Beats Crystal Reports all to heck!) RichTextBox to add formatting enhancements and time-savers TaskProgressBox for displaying the progress and status of asynchronous tasks Theming support for assemblies called from native applications DevFuel.Core.Net.dll FeaturesAn augmentation of the System.Net namespace PInvoke wrapper for Querying Network Adapter details (Such as MAC address) DevFuel.NAnt.Tasks.dll FeaturesCustom NAnt Tasks Google Code Upload VersionFile task to read and optionally increment a file containing a version of the form "A.B.C.D" YuiCompressor task to utilize a .NET port of the YUI Compressor to minify CSS and Javascript files to reduce size Custom NAnt Functions file::read-all-text(path) to allow for templating files using filtersets file::read-all-xml-escaped-text(path) which does the same as the previous function, but uses XML escaping to sanitize any special XML characters in the file


cs csharp databinding dotnet forms framework gui library net net20 net35 rad ui windows winforms

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