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Posted about 2 years ago
Symfony1 plugin for Diem CMF providing a service and a task to authenticate Google Analytics
Posted about 2 years ago
Use your less-stylesheets in your DIEM-Application!
Posted about 2 years ago
Use Microsoft Typescript Javascript compiler in your DIEM-Application. This supports syntax- and type-checking and some semantic sugar - included jQuery highlighting and completation!
Posted over 2 years ago
Plugin de prueba
Posted almost 4 years ago
DmSocialPlugin brings: Basic classes to permit authentification to social networks using OAuth1 or OAuth2 Model of the token used during connections Easy connection to services supporting OAuth like Facebook, Yahoo, Google For example you can use Facebook API without Fbml or Javascript Api. It can be an easy way to use Facebook Connect
Posted about 4 years ago
miGoogleMapsNavigation plugin can be done where you can find the way to go using the Google Maps API. You can also add more than two places to go. See in action in
Posted over 4 years ago
Server moving During the night from Tuesday, July 5th to Wednesday, July 6th we will move the whole Diem project sites to a new server. Erik (4levels) did manage to get this server for our project and he will take care of the server movement. ... [More] Therefore please be aware that neither our website nor our community site will be available for probably a couple of hours in that time. If there should be any issues with our sites on Wednesday we will take care of it as fast as possible. If you find any please let us know on community site's forum (if available) or by sending a mail to our Google Group mailing list. Even more to come ... This also will be the starting point for some important project organization structure changes that will hopefully help users and developers to be better integrated in the project. More on these changes will follow the next days. [Less]
Posted over 4 years ago
Adds a gallery widget to the front Add menu. It allows to build image galleries and slideshows based on the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin, without writing a line of code. The plugin is fully extensible.
Posted over 4 years ago
The dmWidgetGalleryBackgroundPlugin packages a Diem front widget for displaying image galleries. It allows to build image galleries and slideshows without writing a line of code. Images are sortable, commentable and linkable. The plugin is fully extensible.
Posted over 4 years ago
After test driving Redmine as our bug tracker for a couple of weeks, it became clear we were able to centralize all community information and interaction in Redmine. Redmine is a platform written in Ruby on Rails, providing opensource tools for ... [More] software development. We've set up the plugins, discussed the features and our current situation. We were using GitHub for the Diem source code and issues, the website for documentation and phpBB as forum, all obvious choices but quite separated from eachother. Redmine as project management: was born We voted in the mailing list and decided to go for Redmine. We moved all issues to Redmine, moved the forum into the Redmine forum and started to build the documentation in it's wiki. So from now on, the development community is going on in Redmine, working it's magic on our beloved framework. Some quicklinks: Redmine forum Redmine wiki Redmine bugtracker (Registred users only) So developers out there using Diem and feeling to contribute in any way, signup and we'll be happy to hear and help you out! [Less]