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test it on http://goflow.alwaysdata.net/chat/ browse posts on http://goflow.alwaysdata.net/chat/browse/chat/post/

provides a chat client to embed in the pages of a django site Demo specificationsusers of a same django group can chat together an authentication backend allows any user to log in with a password that corresponds to a chat room (room1, room2, room3) user12 (password "u") has the two groups room1 and room2 technos: Ajax (Dojo) and dojango Setupunzip django-chat archive or checkout it install dojango (http://dojango.googlecode.com/files/dojango-0.3.tar.gz) in the python path create database (python manage.py syncdb --noinput), the superuser is "admin" password "chat" python manage.py runserver url of the test page: http://localhost:8000/chat url of the admin page: http://localhost:8000/chat/admin Screenshots


ajax chat django dojango dojo

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