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Descriptiondjango-mssql is a SQL Server 2005 backend for Django running on Windows.

This backend should be used with Django trunk (revision 10026 or higher).

There is a "legacy-1.0" branch that can be used with revisions 8961 and up of the 1.0.x branch of Django.

See:Requirements Datatypes Settings Fields Testing Commands South -- Adam Vandenberg

Contributors and CreditsThe Django team The original SQL Server backend creator and patch submitters Adam Vandenberg Michael Manfre Cedric Collins for the NULL parameter replacement patch & float bug. Paul Tax for help with paging/column aliasing and handling various Decimal formats. nicked for the mixed-NULL insert bug report and patch. blp330 for the constraint name bug report and patch. zuerchertech for the literal decimal select patch


database django mssql python sqlserver

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