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Welcome to django-staticpagesProject NewsOctober 19, 2009 - Between events out of town and lots of schoolwork during my final semester, django-staticpages has temporarily taken a backseat. However, since I am working on a new website, development will start up again this weekend and I hope to have a beta out by next week that includes the feature list set out in the newsfrom September 26. September 28, 2009 - Okay, so the application is going to take a little more than two days to redevelop ;) and was just a little overly optimistic. I expect version 0.10 to be released at the end of October. 0.10, codenamed, "Flatpage Ax." September 26, 2009 - After a wonderful tip in the Django IRC, I am disecting staticpages and rewriting the model relationships. In order to add ordering to the menu, I have created a new application called django-adminordering to the mix. This will enable django-staticpages to have menus that can be composed of any object you wish. The menu's composite agnosticism is provided by the ContentTypes framework and the built in Django URL retrieval system. This takes care of many of the features I wanted to add. The 0.10 release will be a major reworking of the system and one step forward to release 1.0! Please see the ProjectDesign Wiki page for more information about the new design. September 25, 2009 - Django-staticpages 0.10 will be released this weekend. This includes many changes. I am starting a ChangeSet page in the Wiki so this information can be more accessible. After this release, I am seeking someone who is familiar with Python's setuptools so I can make this package installable (in the most flexible form). Can anyone create a better logo in five minutes or less?! I can link to your blog from here as a token (I hate that word but I don't know how else to say this) of my appreciation if you'd like. The logo's size needs to be 153 x 55 pixels. Cheers! See the Subversion log for a detailed list of updates:

About django-staticpagesThank you trying out Ryan Kaskel's 'staticpages' Django application. Please read docs/license.txt prior to using the application. If you would like to contact me with bugs, suggestions, comments, or questions please send e-mail to or use this form. NOTE IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY: I hate e-mail SPAM just like you do so to decode the address written above please don't include the capital letters. That means leave out the 'T' and 'B' and you have my hobby and job as the real user at the domain. Cheers!

MotivationDocumentation will slowly trickle out for this project. But I will write a brief summary explaining how this project came about and what it does and why it's simple.

This project is basically a fork of django.contrib.flatpages. Instead of centering on a single page, this project addresses static sections of your site. Let's take a common use case as an example, an "About Widget Corp" section. Usually this part of a website requires more than one page, and often these pages will be grouped together. django-staticpages makes this process easy. The StaticPage model useful for these one off pages but what about navigating to them? The answer is the Menu model. In release 0.9.4, I made some design errors which the next realease, version 0.10 will correct.

The problem was that Menu model was not agnostic about its constituents (links in a menu). The new system instead aims to be much more in line with Django (and good design) thinking. Instead of requiring a all menu items to have a foreign key claiming what menu it is part of, using the excellent ContentTypes system, I am going to decouple all the models. Instead, a Menu object is composed of MenuItems. All these Menu items have a generic foreign key attribute. This enables you to link to any model object in your system. This of course uses get_absolute_url. This indirection makes the Menu not care at all what it has. This is a very important design principle and one that I wanted to implement, but wasn't sure of the best way to do it. A user in the #django IRC channel gave me an excellent design tip and now I'm off an running with it.

The future of django-staticpages is bright. Now that I have located a design flaw, there are many new features that will come in version 0.10. These include:

Ordering of MenuItem objects in the administration area provided by the django-adminordering project which I am working on for this project. N-level navigation menus enable the application to fit any design. Menus are hierarchical in the sense that they may have child Menus (and hence parent Menus). New templatetags enable easy integration. While before I relied on the views generating the menus, I instead will make it possible to include something like {% menu *[options*] %}.

These changes make the project much better suited to the public. As this is my first public application, I am very gracious for Django community's help in designing this application. If you think this project might be useful for you, please let me know!

Feedback is very much appreciated and even suggestions and comments or criticisms make me a happy developer so don't be shy!

InstalationInstallation is simple: checkout this project using SVN and place it somewhere on your PYTHONPATH. It is version 0.9 (i.e. not 1.0+) solely because it lacks these installation features. I eventually will get around to learning how to distribute Python applications using setuptools but if anyone could help that would be great (especially with the listing options as displayed in the Cheeseshop). Otherwise I will just use another Django project as a model and learn that way.


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