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Analyzed 2 months ago. based on code collected 2 months ago.

filestore is the heart of the Dmedia. It’s been split out of Dmedia to make it easier to review, and in hopes that other apps might use the hashing protocol and file layout even if they don’t use the higher-level Dmedia features.

The Dmedia hashing protocol was designed to solve practical problems faced when transferring large files over unreliable (if not untrusted) networks. The hashing protocol allows you to self-authenticate 1) the file-size before you start downloading and 2) chunks of the file at an 8MiB granularity as you download.

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In a Nutshell, Dmedia filestore...


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Jun 20 2016 — Jul 20 2016

12 Month Summary

Jul 20 2015 — Jul 20 2016
  • 33 Commits
    Up + 22 (200%) from previous 12 months
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