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Posted 3 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Here’s one of the reasons to have your own permanent server: The New York Times has a daily feature called, not surprisingly, “The Daily“.  It’s a short 15-20 minute news segment, ready by 6 AM.  It’s available through Google Play Music or iTunes, but I leave for work by 6:15, and I don’t want to … Continue reading "DIY RSS feed reads"
Posted 4 days ago by Justin Sherrill
If you are anywhere near KnoxBUG’s meeting place (mid-Tennessee, US), Joe Maloney will be presenting on OpenRC and TrueOS, tomorrow night.  See the link for address and times.
Posted 5 days ago by Justin Sherrill
It’s Lazy Reading Science week! RC40 card cipher mplayer ktracing  “In my ongoing quest to find the most inefficient software that still appears to work…” How New York City Gets Its Electricity.  Smart meters have been possible for years… ... [More]  Electricity companies are just not interested.  (via) Posix Has Become Outdated.  Note that I don’t necessarily … Continue reading "Lazy Reading for 2017/02/19" [Less]
Posted 6 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Lots of storage this week. OpenBSD as a Multimedia Desktop Firefox 51 on sparc64 – we did not hit the wall yet  (via) Current health of the BSD Certification Group? When did tar start auto-assuming -z?  Mild GNU vs. BSD argument. Introducing pkg_comp ... [More] 2.0 (and sandboxctl 1.0) FreeNAS/OpenZFS training. Michael W. Lucas at the Troy … Continue reading "In Other BSDs for 2017/02/18" [Less]
Posted 7 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Are you on DragonFly-master?  Are you using a Realtek network device?  Sepherosa Ziehau has an update he would like you to test.
Posted 8 days ago by Justin Sherrill
There was some issues with the DPorts repo, so you may need to reset your local copy.  This only applies if you pulled down a copy in the last 48 hours or so.  (update: or less, based on John’s comment)  Otherwise, you are fine.
Posted 8 days ago by Justin Sherrill
This week’s BSDNow has notes about the FOSDEM BSD Devroom, and a triple-shot of Brian Cantrill – all three interviews with him.  If you’ve been watching BSDNow for a very long time, you may have seen one or several of them, but this is one ... [More] long replay of all the interviews of an opinionated and lively … Continue reading "BSDNow 181: The Cantrillogy" [Less]
Posted 10 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Rimvydas Jasinskas posted an extended description of what’s happening with dports.  There’s a significant xorg reformatting coming in ports, which is going to be absorbed into dports, but it may take some time.  There’s also an odd loss of commit ... [More] rights for John Marino, who commits (frequently!) to both DragonFly and FreeBSD.  (His followup)  This all … Continue reading "Near-term dports work" [Less]
Posted 11 days ago by Justin Sherrill
This recent CPU frequency change will make your Skylake-using laptop much easier to deal with.  Apparently this is a common problem with Skylake?  (links via EFNet #dragonflybsd)
Posted 12 days ago by Justin Sherrill
It’s all twofer links this week. The many faces of DOOM’s afterlife.  A good example of what open source can do for the lifetime of a software project.  (via) The forgotten joys of turtling in strategy games.  (also via) Perl6 One Liners.  (via) How ... [More] Unix erases things when you type a backspace while entering text. … Continue reading "Lazy Reading for 2017/02/12" [Less]