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Posted 1 day ago by Justin Sherrill
Adding a new “BUG” category, cause there’s enough ongoing BSD user group activity these days that it’s a reoccurring theme.  That makes me happy. OPNsense 16.7-RC2 released. DiscoverBSD for 2016/07/18. Another Release of FreeBSD on the Horizon: My ... [More] Thoughts. Why we use OpenBSD at VidiGuard. Thinking about switching from arch Linux to freebsd. I’m a […] [Less]
Posted 2 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Matthew Dillon added NVMe support recently, and he also made some changes to DragonFly’s I/O system.  His test system was able to reach over a million IOPS.  That’s bananas!
Posted 2 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Garbage 35 is up, with news about ChiBUG, an OpenBSD hackathon, and the ritual shaming of computer equipment.
Posted 2 days ago by Justin Sherrill
HOPE starts today in New York City, and if you are going, there’s at least one BSD presence at the show that could use volunteers.
Posted 3 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Fuzzing sounds cute, but it’s about finding security problems, not checking for adorable guinea pigs or llamas or something like that.  It’s also episode 151 of BSDNow.   It looks like there’s no specific interview this week, but plenty of interesting topics and links listed.
Posted 3 days ago by Justin Sherrill
the i915 support in DragonFly now matches the Linux 4.4 kernel, which is good news if you have a Broxton, Skylake, or Cherryview processor, plus it adds a variety of fixes.
Posted 4 days ago by Justin Sherrill
If you want to check battery life, ‘sysctl’ may help, as Sepherosa Ziehau points out.  I’ve always used ‘acpiconf -i 0‘, myself.
Posted 5 days ago by Justin Sherrill
I like finding “This is how I did it” stories from people, as they are often really useful for anyone else trying to do the same “it”.  Here’s Dave MacFarlane’s UEFI install story.  (Note he’s still needing touchpad support.)
Posted 7 days ago by Justin Sherrill
It’s a nerdy Lazy Reading today.  Well, nerdier than usual, I think. Favorite Networking Links? Help a TA!  Multiple good links there. UNIX Helps Put Out Fires. How to Write a History of Writing Software.  (via) Canonical’s Snap: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  PC-BSD already did similar packaging – and stopped.  (via) Acorn and Amstrad. […]
Posted 8 days ago by Justin Sherrill
I’m meeeeellllllltttinng! About Let’s Encrypt client from BSD in C.  (via) ZFS Deadlock: ‘Directory of Death’.  (via) BSD vs. Linux (2005)  Old, but new comments at the source link. DiscoverBSD for 2016/07/11. “PAM Mastery” tech reviewers ... [More] wanted. pkgsrc-2016Q2 is out. Errata and patches released!  OpenBSD. my int is too big Related to previous link, I think. TXLF 2016 […] [Less]