Very High Activity


  Analyzed 2 days ago based on code collected 2 days ago.
Posted 2 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Hammer will perform daily housekeeping tasks each night.  If you’re up late enough, it may kick off while you are working.  If you want to stop the process after it’s already started (since it’s disk-intensive), John Marino has added the ‘abort-cleanup‘ command.
Posted 3 days ago by Justin Sherrill
If you want to use a scanner on DragonFly, install SANE.  That is apparently all you need to do.
Posted 4 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Experimental automatic crypting of swap is now available in DragonFly-master.  Recently added, though it may have been possible another way.
Posted 6 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Get clicking! The Rise and Fall of Japan’s PC-98. I always wondered what PC-98 was.  (pdf, via) Beyond the PDP-11: Processor support for a memory-safe C abstract machine.  Written this year, despite the title.  (pdf, via) Gonix – Unix tools written ... [More] in Go.  (via) Without Systemd (via several places) Your cyberpunk games are dangerous. Web Mandlebrot.  (via) Which SSD […] [Less]
Posted 7 days ago by Justin Sherrill
This includes all the BSD material I didn’t have time to get posted last week.  I hope you have some time for reading today; there is a lot here. Royal activity affecting your open source files. Windows guest support (or at least the start of it) in bhyve. Bad memory blacklisting in FreeBSD.  I’d be worried […]
Posted 7 days ago by Justin Sherrill, where the DragonFly website is hosted, is temporarily down while a disk is replaced.  Images and binary packages are still available.
Posted 8 days ago by Justin Sherrill
This week’s BSDNow episode talks with Mike Larkin about memory protection in OpenBSD, along with the normal news summary.
Posted 10 days ago by Justin Sherrill
This may not be a huge surprise, but the Minnowboard MAX can run DragonFly just fine, modulo some dmesg complaints.
Posted 11 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Sepherosa Ziehau has introduced a new sysctl: Set this to zero and you won’t get endless ARP events from networks you aren’t on.  For example, I’m hooked up to a cable modem.  I only get a public routable IP address, but the network used for the cable modem network itself bleeds ARP packets out […]
Posted 13 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Accidentally very roguelike this week. It’s ALWAYS DNS! scroll, a console game that is also a pager.  (via) Reenix: Implementing a Unix-Like Operating System in Rust (PDF, via) Yet another Dwarf Fortress story. Rogue’s Item ID in Too Much Yet Not ... [More] Enough Detail.  Mentions the 1st Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide Appendix N, which despite having that […] [Less]