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Analyzed about 2 months ago. based on code collected about 2 months ago.
Posted 2 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Mark Sumter’s giving a talk on ZFS at tonight’s KnoxBUG meeting. Hurry! I should have posted this sooner but work tied me up today.
Posted 3 days ago by Justin Sherrill
It’s now possible to build dports using LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL.  Set SSL_DEFAULT in make.conf to the appropriate port name, and start building.  Use synth for fastest results, of course. LibreSSL will eventually become the default library.  This ... [More] is in addition to the previously-mentioned, already-completed in DragonFly 4.7, base system switch to LibreSSL. [Less]
Posted 4 days ago by Justin Sherrill
I manage to avoid a topic this week, really.  That’s good! #! /usr/bin/env considered harmful The #! magic, details about the shebang/hash-bang mechanism on various Unix flavours.  (via) The Future of Procedural Generation.  For games. So many cow ... [More] jokes.  (via) Munchausen Numbers and How to Find Them.  (via) Showing The Weather In Tmux.  (via) The […] [Less]
Posted 5 days ago by Justin Sherrill
It’s the convention time of year! garbage[38]: #camperchat. OPNsense 16.7.4 released. Is ARM-like chips the future and which of the BSDs will have a head start? g2k16 Hackathon Report: Alexander Bluhm.  Last g2k16 item, I think. Michael W. ... [More] Lucas’s PAM Mastery is available in ebook and physical form. Related: Michael W. Lucas’s SemiBUG “PAM is Un-American” […] [Less]
Posted 7 days ago by Justin Sherrill
BSDNow 160’s title is linked to Allan Jude being at EuroBSDCon, happening right now.  (Groff is there too!)  Episode 160 is available in any case, and I bet there will be some sort of interview(s) coming out of this.
Posted 8 days ago by Justin Sherrill
For those running DragonFly 4.7, there’s new firmware for all iwm(4) devices.  Also, you can get temperature readings off the iwm wireless device now, if I’m reading this correctly.
Posted 9 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Tomohiro Kusumi is thinking about porting it.  Follow the whole thread for details.
Posted 10 days ago by Justin Sherrill
3D printing on DragonFly with a Fabrikator?  Yep, it works.  (from jh32 on EFNet #dragonflybsd)
Posted 11 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Partially assembled while I was in some multi-hour conference calls at work. This Why Computers. Why the Apple II ProDOS 2.4 Release is the OS News of the Year.  An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.  (via) html email comments. Schrödinger? I hardly know her! The algorithms, they are not subtle. Dealing with Unix […]
Posted 12 days ago by Justin Sherrill
I’ve never had as many hackathon links as I did for g2k16 over this week and last. “LiteBSD is variant of 4.4BSD operating system for microcontrollers“.  (via) More g2k16: Florian Obser, Vincent Gross, Antoine Jacoutot, Matthieu Herrb, Martin ... [More] Pieuchot, and Patrick Wildt. OpenBSD on HP Stream 7. “PAM Mastery” print layout done. Coincidentally, Michael W. Lucas is giving a talk about PAM […] [Less]