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Posted 14 days ago by Justin Sherrill
BSDNow is a day early, but it has an interview with Ken Moore about Lumina, TrueOS (nee PC-BSD) and desktop BSD in general.
Posted 17 days ago by Justin Sherrill
You weren’t planning to do anything else today, right?  Find some headphones. The future of iOS is 64-bit only: Apple to stop support of 32-bit apps.  Following a trend.  (via) Four Column ASCII.  (via) From the previous link source’s comments: “The ... [More] Evolution of Character Codes, 1874-1968“, a PDF from this repo. A Quick Look at … Continue reading "Lazy Reading for 2017/02/05" [Less]
Posted 18 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Note the end this week of pc98, the most focused of niche platforms. The trouble with FreeBSD.  Gets a lot wrong, though. Found this sitting on my dusty bookshelf. Video editing and the FreeNAS Mini. a2k17 hackathon report: Patrick Wildt on the arm64 ... [More] port Goodbye FreeBSD/pc98  (via) OpenBSD wallpaper. Lessons learnt from adding OpenBSD/x86_64 support … Continue reading "In Other BSDs for 2017/02/04" [Less]
Posted 19 days ago by Justin Sherrill
The vkernel(7) code has been going through a lot of changes, and instead of linking to the many smaller commits, I’ll point at Matthew Dillon’s latest change since it’s detailed.  What’s the performance difference?  I don’t know yet if this is for performance or for stability.
Posted 20 days ago by Justin Sherrill
The title for BSDNow 179 is probably a takeoff on the same reference as archive.org.  There’s some interesting notes about Wayland, of course, and POSIX, and also CyberChef which probably isn’t what you think from the name.
Posted 21 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Reminder: “OS : The underlying overhead of computation“is happening tomorrow night with NYCBSD.  Go if you can.
Posted 24 days ago by Justin Sherrill
There will be pizza pie, and Raspberry Pi, for installing BSD, at the next KnoxBUG meeting, tomorrow, for those near Tennessee. Note that it was originally scheduled for Tuesday and had to be moved up a night because of a conflict – so your schedule has changed even if you were already planning to go.
Posted 24 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Not as many reading links as usual this week, but lots of BSD news yesterday.  It ebbs and it flows. OpenSSH Keys: A Walkthrough  (via) Incompatible Timesharing System on Github!  I always thought of it as Unix’s original competitor.  (via) Sleep ... [More] Mode: The Art of the Screensaver Editing wars at London Bridge Street.  I don’t know … Continue reading "Lazy Reading for 2017/01/29" [Less]
Posted 25 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Done all at the last minute. Courses 6 to 9 of DevOps with Chef and FreeBSD are out. Ansible and pfSense.  (via) “OS : The underlying overhead of computation“, an upcoming talk at NYCBSD.  Note that it’s on Feb 1, not March 1 as originally posted. ... [More]  I’ll post a reminder. a2k17 hackathon reports: Martin Pieuchot, Kenneth … Continue reading "In Other BSDs for 2017/01/28" [Less]
Posted 25 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Apparently there’s a quirk to the way Ricoh cameras format memory cards that made them unreadable on DragonFly.  They’re readable now.   I link this not because I think it affects many people, but because it’s such a strangely specific problem.