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Analyzed about 2 months ago. based on code collected about 2 months ago.
Posted 10 days ago by Justin Sherrill
karu.pruun has been trying to get a Macbook’s hybrid graphics card to work in DragonFly.  He’s been working on a gmux driver, but it needs a framework like Linux’s switcheroo.  If this topic interests you, help him out.
Posted 12 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Bryan Everly wants to start a BSD User Group in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the US.  If you are anywhere near there and would go (and you should; user groups are great), tell him. Addendum: Near Chicago works too, as joshua stein pointed out.
Posted 12 days ago by Justin Sherrill
I may have mentioned this in part before, but Matthew Dillon has a brief script to reload pf when an interface IP changes.  I’m linking it here in case it’s useful in the future.
Posted 13 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Recent changes for virtual machine support and the new powerd utility have been rolled into the release branch for DragonFly. They’ll probably be in the next point release, or you can rebuild a release machine now for immediate access. Also mentioned ... [More] in the update from Matthew Dillon, DragonFly-master users should upgrade carefully as DragonFly migrates to using […] [Less]
Posted 14 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Happy birthday to my younger daughter. The Fall of Avalon Hill (1998).  The source link comments lead to a lot of neat game material, and a different viewpoint than what’s in this older article. Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming.  From a ... [More] link in those aforementioned comments. Dolphin Emulator – Booting the Final GameCube Game.  (via) Eigenvectors […] [Less]
Posted 15 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Last minute again. Introducing the Netgate SG-1000 microFirewall (Pre-loaded with pfSense)  (via) I lost my OpenBSD full-disk encryption password.  (via) OpenBSD: Use the space freed up by sparc and zaurus to import LLVM.  (via) g2k16 hackathon: ... [More] Undeadly has reports about ddb, vmm + vmd, package signing, ports + wifi, fuse, and a lot more. iXsystems to […] [Less]
Posted 16 days ago by Justin Sherrill
BSDNow episode 158 has an interview with Diane Bruce about ham radio and Raspberry Pi hardware, plus the usual news.
Posted 16 days ago by Justin Sherrill
The’Errata 793‘ issue is apparently a bug where an AMD CPU can hang under very specific circumstances.  Sepherosa Ziehau has a fix – please try it if you have the appropriate hardware.
Posted 17 days ago by Justin Sherrill
How long does it take to build all 24,000 packages in the DragonFly ports collection?  Apparently about 22 hours on a dual Xeon machine (with I think 36 cores) or 48-core Opteron.  This is with synth.  I used to measure pkgsrc builds in weeks.
Posted 18 days ago by Justin Sherrill
DragonFly now has version 2.4.2 of LibreSSL and uses it in base.  Ports may still link to OpenSSL, though – it’s still built by default, though make.conf can be configured to prevent that.