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Posted 18 days ago by Justin Sherrill
It’s a good week to learn: BSDNow 154 has no interview, but a lot of tutorials, including ones on GhostBSD, Enlightenment, Steam on FreeBSD, and so on.
Posted 18 days ago by Justin Sherrill
The last bits of Linux emulation have been removed from DragonFly.  It’s 32-bit, so it’s been unsupported since DragonFly went to 64-bit only with the 4.0 release.  Also, some other 32-bit only items are gone, including the cs, ep, ex, fe, and vx network drivers.  It’s almost impossible that anyone was using it, but it’s notable because […]
Posted 18 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Alex Merritt noticed that one of the new characteristics of DragonFly 4.6 was “improved IPI signalling”.  He asked about benchmarks, Sepherosa Ziehau pointed at tools, and Matthew Dillon provided some results.
Posted 19 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Because this always happens just after I create a DragonFly release, there’s a new version of OpenSSL.  However, this is for version 1.0.2.  1.0.1 is what’s in the release, and it’s supported through the end of the year. OpenSSH has a major version bump in DragonFly, to 7.3p1.  This means some features – specifically patches […]
Posted 21 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Did you know that ACPICA has its own internal ‘coding language’, called AML?  I did not, but it’s in DragonFly now in any case.  Every program eventually grows big enough to read email, and every specification eventually includes its own programming segment.
Posted 21 days ago by Justin Sherrill
If you’re one of the people who can easily read ‘systat -vm’ output, the data presented there has been modified.  If you’re not one of those people, it’s a good way to monitor system health.
Posted 22 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Getting esoteric this week. Oh… That’s why the servers are down every night!  (via) Terminals Are Weird.  (via) Making industrial controls network highly available/redundant.  An often untouched area of system administration. The Inner JSON Effect. ... [More]  (via) Notes on Post-Post-Modern-Modern Programming.  (also via) GCHQ: Boiling Frogs. How not to fix Government IT.  (this and previous via I think?) […] [Less]
Posted 23 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Slightly calmer this week. A slow / low-end system capable of running most modern BSDs.  (via) FreeBSD Myths, with discussion on Hacker News and Why don’t companies use FreeBSD as much in production as Linux? pfSense questions. OpenBSD ... [More] release song for 6.0: “Another Smash of the Stack”.  (via) Hello FreeNAS! Goodbye Drobo and Iomega…  (via) […] [Less]
Posted 24 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Garbage 37 is out, with talk about their format and timing, OpenBSD material, and more Chromebook discussion.
Posted 24 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Here is some coverage of the DragonFly 4.6 release, which may be interesting to read because of the comments: Hacker News, Hacker News again, and A reaction to the initial creation of DragonFly I never saw before, and Matthew Dillon’s followup.  (via) I like the summary in the very first comment of this story on DragonFly […]