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Posted 9 days ago by Justin Sherrill
A useful tip: if your DragonFly machine isn’t usually on 24/7 (e.g. a laptop, not a server), you should move your Hammer cleanup from 3 AM to sometime when the computer is normally on.
Posted 9 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Among other things, garbage[34] brings up joshua stein’s desire to form a BSD user group near Chicago – contact him if you’re near.
Posted 10 days ago by Justin Sherrill
BSDNow has reached their I think semicentennial episode, “Sprinkle A Little BSD Into Your Life“.  For this episode, they interview Jim Brown about BSD Certification and his FreeBSD-running sprinkler system, plus more news.
Posted 11 days ago by Justin Sherrill
karu.pruun shares a story of manually installing DragonFly on a UEFI-booting machine.  In this case, it’s a Macbook, though there’s other non-fruit UEFI machines out there?
Posted 12 days ago by Justin Sherrill
That’s one tip per subject, really.  If you need to set up a ‘video’ group for xorg, here’s the one-liner to do so.  If PulseAudio annoys you, which is not uncommon, ‘chmod -x /usr/local/bin/pulseaudio’ and it’ll go away.
Posted 13 days ago by Justin Sherrill
It’s exactly what the title is: ipfw3 now does NAT in-kernel, without locking.  I have no benchmarks to point at, unfortunately.  The commit has usage examples.
Posted 13 days ago by Justin Sherrill
This is a specialized use case, but Mono 4.x has some issues on DragonFly.  Some minor testing has been done, but if you are already using it, please contribute.
Posted 15 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Assembled hastily on Saturday, which is later than I’ve been in a long time. Don’t tug on that, you never know what it might be attached to. “Beautiful artwork plays the UNIX timestamp on cymbals“.  A 32-bit art installation, judging from the year 2038 time limit. Every parallel ATA connection ever in one device, or […]
Posted 16 days ago by Justin Sherrill
I was on the road all this week, so this doesn’t range as far as usual.  I’ll be charging through my RSS feed backlog over the next few days. garbage[33]: Z-Wave of ze future.  Missed linking to it on Friday because of driving.  Lots of Vim conversation! The state of libreSSL in FreeBSD.  (via) New […]
Posted 18 days ago by Justin Sherrill
Place Independent Executables are now supported on DragonFly, thanks to sumbitter ‘shamaz’.