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Facebook Live Stream as a Drupal ModuleLatest source code for this project is available on Please check module leverages the Facebook Open Stream API. Once installed, the module allows users of the Drupal instance to access their Facebook account and view the real time stream of their friends’ updates from Facebook in a block within their Drupal instance. Users can control the number of posts viewable via the profile settings tab.

To access live stream on their Drupal instance, a user will have to give the application permission to access his/her Facebook account. The module will auto-retrieve and update the Live Stream block .The auto-retrieval interval for the Live Stream, can be configured by site administrator in the block configuration page.

We are currently working on the following features and will update you once we get it up and tested.

1) Publish (Status updates/comments/likes) into the face book live stream via the drupal instance.

2) Provide Facebook Filter Support to the users via the drupal instance.

Information on the module can be found at

DemoThe demo is available at . Login as username demo, password demo. After login you will be redirected to profile page. Click on Facebook Connect tab. Click on Facebook connect button to login to your facebook account. Then You will see a Facebook Stream block on the left side bar. Click on get perm button to give permissions to access your data. After you gave permissions the block will be loaded with your facebook stream. REQUIREMENTSPHP 5.2 or higher versions. Drupal 6.x. Facebook PHP Library: Facebook API key: .This is the application key of your facebook application. jquery_ui,jquery_update modules Installationinstall fbconnect module Download fbconnect from Before enabling module create an application in facebook (Read more about creating application: Upload the 'fbconnect' folder into your module directory, Download the Facebook PHP libraries from Copy the content of facebook-platform/php folder to facebook-client folder in the fbconnect directory. Activate the module through your website's modules administration pages, Configure the module through the 'Fbconnect' section of the 'Site configuration' menu, using the information provided by Facebook (API key, Secret API key), Edit the page.tpl.php file in your theme folder. Add the facebook xmlns for rendering FBML with Internet Explorer : . install jquery_update devel module install jquery UI module by following instructions from install facebook_stream module Copy facebook_stream module into your modules directory Enable the module at admin/build/modules Enable facebook stream block at admin/build/blocks Configure the no of posts to be displayed at user/%/fbstreamconnect


In a Nutshell, drupal-facebook-stream-module...


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