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Analyzed about 2 months ago. based on code collected 4 months ago.
Posted about 9 years ago by danzel
I’ve neglected the SF.net blog for too long, from now on the official DSP blog will be over on my blog: http://localhost.geek.nz/category/dsp/ There is even an updated post!
Posted over 9 years ago by danzel
I’ve just changed the blog settings so only logged in users can post. You can freely create users. Hopefully this will lower the amount of spam posted in comments as sourceforge doesn’t let u run the akismet anti-spam stuff
Posted over 9 years ago by danzel
Sorry this has been a bit delayed, but here we go finally! Changes since last SVN build: Spawn enemies with their given level Non-Square towers are placed correctly Multiple waves at a time (using WaitTime), see XML comments for description on use If you wonder why you keep losing in the test level, it is because the path 2 wave [...]
Posted over 9 years ago by danzel
I’ve been hacking away at DSP over the weekend, got some good bits done. Changed since the last SVN build: Enemies spawn with correct level Place non-square towers correctly Make EnemyInstance reference counted (Slightly better memory usage) ... [More] Multiple waves can be ran at a time (using ) There have been a couple of regressions which I have yet to fix [...] [Less]
Posted over 9 years ago by danzel
Well, finally here is a SVN build of DSP. go get it here (Windows only, linux people can build it from source, PSP still needs lots of work) Things I can think of off the top of my head that don’t work yet: Everything in the SF.net Bugs/Feature ... [More] request tracker Poison damage Enemy Weaknesses Boss waves bonus points Enemies always spawn with their [...] [Less]
Posted over 9 years ago by Shazz
Doesn’t it look cool ?
Posted over 9 years ago by danzel
Well, there has been lots of progress since my last post. The new XML-based loaders currently support (As far as I remember) everything that the previous flatfile ones did. As well as a couple of the new features. I’ll upload a SVN build this weekend if all goes well (intended for level developers). I need to write [...]
Posted almost 10 years ago by Shazz
I have added into the SF svn a preview of the C Particles Engine. I have reused some old code from the Shoot(r) SF project as it looks exactly what we need : Well written Portable : C /OpenGL/SDL Different trails can be added So currently, it only builds on Windows (using VS2005) and it is not integrated into DSP (yet) [...]
Posted almost 10 years ago by danzel
I’ve just checked in an initial level.xml parser. It loads just enough to get into the level without crashing, needless to say lots of work to do their still I don’t feel very motivated this evening, so thats it for today. Edit, Next Day: Another slow evening, did a bit more on / Parsing, [...]
Posted almost 10 years ago by danzel
The enemy.xml loader is complete for now, except for LeaveSound/Weaknesses. The tower.xml loader has also had a bit of work done on it, the basic loader is done, it loads just enough to make towers usable. Plenty of things aren’t used yet, but I’ll start on that once all the new file loaders are done. Edit: tower.xml loader [...]