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Image generatorZetaPrints provides excellent image generation service based on vector-graphic templates. Designers can create collections of designs, including virtual cards. These cards can be viewed and customized using this plugin.

How it worksThe plugin downloads an RSS feed with a list of card designs, shows previews and sends requests to ZetaPrints image generation API to insert user text in the templates. The finished card design is emailed to the intended recipient.

EmbeddingUse the code snippet below with your values for width, height, source file location and feed URL.

ParametersFlashVars parameters:

params - URL of the data feed, required email - URL of the email plugin to redirect the user to with the image ID, optional Example: params=http://zetaprints.com/RssTemplates.aspx?0AFC70BA-F856-42D9-B707-FFF27753F0F0&email=http://example.com/blog/ecard.php?imageid=

WordPress pluginOur e-cards plugin for WordPress uses the Flash widget and does all the configuration of for you, plus it actually sends the cards users make right from your site. Install the plugin, configure data feed, size, list of recipients, privacy settings and it's good to go.

Source code location: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/zpecards/ , we do not use Google SVN for this part of the project any more.


e-cards imagegeneration virtualcards web-to-print zetaprints

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