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Project Summary

Easyant is a build system, that is based on Apache Ant and Apache Ivy.

Our goals are :

* to leverage popularity and flexibility of Ant.
* to integrate Apache Ivy, such that the build system combines a ready-to-use dependency manager.
* to simplify standard build types, such as building web applications, JARs etc, by providing ready to use builds.
* to provide conventions and guidelines.
* to make plugging-in of fresh functionalities easy as writing simple Ant scripts as Easyant plugins.

To still remain adaptable,

* Though Easyant comes with a lot of conventions, we never lock you in.
* Easyant allows you to easily extend existing modules or create and use your own modules.
* Easyant makes migration from Ant very simple.


ant buildsystems dependency_management ivy java project_management release_management xml

In a Nutshell, Apache EasyAnt...

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