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Posted 6 months ago
Machine learning and deep learning in particular is developing at amazing speeds. Today, machine learning can be used to solve ever more complex tasks that have been considered impractical just a few years ago. Examples include autonomous ... [More] cars, AlphaGo’s win against the world’s Go champion, photo realistic transformation of pictures or neural machine translation systems. [Less]
Posted 8 months ago
I really like going to software conferences. I get the chance to learn new things, to meet other developers and to discuss code and software architectures. And of course, I like JavaLand because of its rollercoasters. :)
Posted 11 months ago
This blog post provides a brief introduction into the blockchain world and shows how to integrate the Ethereum Blockchain with a Java based Business Application. Specifically we describe the implemented "micro"-banking prototype with ... [More] Eclipse Scout (the business application side), Ethereum (the blockchain) and web3j (a Java library to communicate with Ethereum). [Less]
Posted over 1 year ago
Eclipse Scout applications are multilingual per default. Scout developers work with text keys in the code and the application itself shows the translated texts in the language of the logged in user. When users asks to fix a specific text it ... [More] can be tricky to find the right text key to improve the translated version of the text. In this blog post we offer a solution to force the application to show the text keys in the user interface instead of the translated text. [Less]
Posted over 1 year ago
Join us for the Eclipse Democamp in Zurich starting at 17:30 on June 21st. With close to 100 participants the Eclipse Democamp Zurich is amongst the larger democamps world wide.
Posted over 1 year ago
Starting with the upcoming Eclipse Neon release the Scout framework is directly based on Java and HTML5. This move allows projects to easily integrate popular Java frameworks and to use “Maven-by-the-books” for building purposes.
Posted over 1 year ago
The Things Network (TTN) is an open source project that aims at a global crowdsourced Internet of Things data network. In this blog post we describe a complete TTN show case to create real-time noise maps using the TTN in Zurich using a backend application based on Eclipse Scout and the MQTT Paho library. 
Posted almost 2 years ago
Oomph is not only about eclipse installation, it changes also the way you organize your workspaces.
Posted almost 2 years ago
As announced early this year there are big news for the Scout framework with then Eclipse Neon release: Scout becomes a plain Java application framework and gets a completely new HTML5 rendering component.
Posted about 2 years ago
Oomph is a great technology available with the Mars version of Eclipse IDE.