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Provides a framework for developing simple script languages integrated with .NET platform. This includes:

Parser for generic syntax that supports classes, methods, expressions, assignments, but not control flow structures yet (implemented with ANTLR). Compiler that transforms valid source codes into a custom intermediate language. Virtual machine that interpretes the intermediate language produced by the compiler. Type system that includes basic types like numbers, strings and booleans, and is extensible enough to have new types and operations added. Means of bidirectional integration with logic coded in .NET. Several ways of assembling multiple scriptlets and data they process into a compound calculation host: tree-like or structure-agnostic, interpreted or even translated into .NET IL (tho it doesn't use DLR).

Codebase also features a real world application that leverages the framework, adds custom types and operations according to business logic, and exhibits author's efforts to optimize performance of Elf scripts (going from a simple interpreter to incrementally generated dynamic assemblies).


compiler dynamic cil script ast language codegen interpreter parser il net antlr

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