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Eludia.pm is a non-OO MVC framework for developing intranet applications in Perl 5. It features:
- the wish oriented programming conception (e. g. DB scheme is morphing as you wish, no need to explicitly ALTER a thing);
- a handy set of advanced AJAX widgets available out-of-the-box (for example: radio group with any inputs as nested controls for individual options);
- an advanced URL rewriting machinery;
- a minimalistic but rich procedural API for common tasks;
- default action handlers for trivial CRUD (with many-to-many relations) without specific programming.
Eludia.pm based application run on any Linux/Unix on NT platform together with following DBMS:
- MySQL;
- Oracle;
- SQLite;
- MS SQL Server;
- PostGreSQL.


eludia framework mvc perl web


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