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Project Summary

Energine is a content management system which allows to support web-applications (including websites) of any level of complexity. Energine is based on Energine CMF — a power full toolkit for web-application development using XML/XSLT transformations.

Main features of Energine are:

Multi-language support. Energine supports unbounded quantity of languages with ability to translate not only content of a site, but buttons, emails, captions too. User's access delimitation. User's access control system allows to edit user's rights to access and edit different parts of a website. Visual text editor. A built in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is a handy tool to edit web site's content and preview it. Files. Common file storage allows to use one method to work with files in forms


cmf cms content_management framework javascript mootools multilingual mysql pdo php site_management xml xslt

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