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IntroductionWhat is EnterTheSietch?EnterTheSietch("ETS") is a real-time strategy game using old-school graphics and modern technology. Haven't you just always wanted to play the original Dune 2 game against 7 friends and 14 computers on a 2048x2048 map?

Whats with the name?A Sietch in the Dune world is defined by Wikipedia as a "Cave warren inhabited by a Fremen tribal community; in the Fremen language, 'Place of assembly in time of danger'."

This project was born out of the need to escape todays dangerous and bug-filled strategy games. Games such as Command and Conquer: Generals which have failed to meet the expectations of gamers, and have failed to innovate, have gone in the opposite direction of entertainment by adding pretty colours and adorable graphics -- instead of actually focusing on producing a rock-solid and innovative game.

What are our goals?The primary goals are to develop a real-time strategy engine that is:

Fast Free Multi-threaded (To take advantage of todays multi-core processors) Multi-platform (So we can all play) Fun!

The secondary goals include:

Supporting Dune 2 Supporting Command and Conquer: Tiberium Dawn Supporting Command and Conquer: Red Alert Developing an Artificial Intelligence environment Playing massive maps with many people

When will EnterTheSietch be ready?There is currently no planned timeline.

What engine / libraries are being used?The only library that will be used is MyPurpleEngine.

Is there a forum?Yes! We have a sub-forum in the MyPurpleEngine forum:


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