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DescriptionThis application adds ENUM (E.164 Number Mapping) support to your Android phone.

Each time you dial a full international number (i.e. starting with a '+') your phone will check the DNS for additional routing information and offer you a list of alternate contact methods.

This application has been developed by Nominet UK. Nominet is the Tier 1 ENUM operator for the UK (+44).

NB: unless you are a software developer it is recommended that you install the application via the Google Market (under Applications -> Communication) so that you are automatically informed when updates are made available.

LicensingThis application and its source code is Copyright (c) 2009, Nominet UK and is made available under the Apache License 2.0.

The Nominet ENUM logo and icons and graphics based on it are Copyright (c) 2009, Nominet UK and may not be used or otherwise distributed in third party derivative works.

The application also includes code from dnsjava, Copyright (c) 1999-2005, Brian Wellington

Screenshotsthe normal dialer application is used when the user presses dial, enumdroid shows ENUM entries the user picked the tel: URI and the call is placed the enumdroid settings page

LinksRFC 3761 Sipdroid - a SIP client for Android


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