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EpA is a web cooperative editor focused in learning environments. Teachers can use EpA to publicize writing tasks to be done by their students. Also, they can evaluate group or individual activities during composition, besides evaluating the texts themselves. Students then use EpA to write and discuss their texts in small groups. Discussion can be on-line or off-line. The idea behind EpA is that writing and discussing together the students can learn better about the issues in discussion.
Main Features include:
- tasks management and evaluation (per task, per group, per student or text itself)
- text edition by paragraph with conflicting editions tracked
- discussions (on and off-line) can be general or tied to specific paragraphs.
- users and groups management
- intelligent user support.
EpA is a Java aplication, using standard jsp, hibernate persistence framework and mysql database. I have also a running version with forum, chat, text edition with conflicting editions tracked. It is being developed as part of a research project in Informatics in Education.
Now I need a space for cooperative programming, because I have two other people interested in helping with it. Also, I need some public space to offer file downloads to potential users.
In near future, I expect to have colaborators in creating an English version of it (it is in Brazilian Portuguese).



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