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ErlyDTL is an Erlang implementation of the Django Template Language. The erlydtl module compiles Django Template source code into Erlang bytecode. The compiled template has a "render" function that takes a list of variables and returns a fully rendered document.

The project is stable and mostly complete. Most but not all Django tags and filters have been implemented. See TagsAndFilters for a list of supported features.

Project mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/erlydtl/

Basic example illustrating the syntax:An ErlyDTL template is a text file (e.g.: a HTML or CSS file) containing variables to control the runtime template content, tags to control the runtime template logic and comments, which get filtered out.

Template file welcome.html:

Welcome back, {{ name }}!

You have {{ friends|length }} friends: {{ friends|join:", " }}

Have some primes:
{# this is exciting #}
{% for i in primes %}
{{ i }}
{% endfor %}Erlang code:

erlydtl:compile("/path/to/welcome.html", welcome_template),
{name, "Johnny"},
{friends, [<>, <>]},
{primes, [1, 2, "3", <>]}

Welcome back, Johnny!

You have 2 friends: Frankie Lee, Judas Priest

Have some primes:
5ErlyDTL referenceSee the Overview for complete usage.

Tags and FiltersSee TagsAndFilters for a list of the Django tags that ErlyDTL supports.

Other featuresVariables can optionally be pre-set at template compilation, which is useful for stuff which doesn't change often. These variables get pre-rendered as much as possible at compilation time for maximum performance.

Optional recompilation: skip if compiled template exists already and template source checksum has not changed.

Templates accept variables as property list, dict, gb_tree or parameterized modules and the actual values can be numbers or strings (lists or binaries)

Variables, Tags and Comments can be wrapped with HTML comments () for a possibly better integration with certain HTML editors / browser previews

Templates need not live on the local file system; you can write your own "reader" function, e.g. to read templates from network storage such as Amazon S3.

Requirements:Erlang R12B-2 ToDo:implement all tags and filters defined in original Django allow funs as compile / render options for: variables output writer callback source reading function


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